General Services & Procurement (CGSP)


The mission of the General Services and Procurement Department is to formulate, implement and monitor policies and programs relating to the maintenance of the Bank’s fixed assets and equipment, the procurement of goods, services and works for the institution, as well as to travel, and provision of support services, such as travel, communication, catering, insurance, stocks and logistics, as well as support to the decentralization and Green Bank Initiatives of the Bank. The objective is to improve the work environment of Bank staff to enable them accomplish their mission.

The Director reports to the Vice-President, Corporate Services (CSVP) and supervises the Operations and Maintenance Division (CGSP.1), the Corporate Procurement Division (CGSP.2), and the Support Services Division (CGSP.3).

Activities / Responsibilities

The Front Office:

  • Client Service;
  • Financial control;
  • Insurance;
  • Field Offices Coordination


  • Planning and programming of investments;
  • Civil engineering and maintenance of office buildings, equipment and fixed assets;
  • Environmental protection and support to the Green Bank Initiatives;
  • Management of fixed assets and property, office and parking spaces; and
  • Support to the Bank decentralization initiative.


  • Procure goods, works and services and manage contracts for the Bank’s internal use with due attention to considerations of economy, efficiency, equal opportunity to compete, transparency and accountability.
  • Develop Annual Procurement Plan for works, goods and services to meet the needs of the Bank, by consolidating the requirements from the internal customers and providing information about the future procurements to prospective vendors.
  • Carry out Secretarial role to the Bank’s Purchasing Committee and participate in application, enforcement and compliance to the Bank’s procurement rules and procedures.
  • Deliver on-the-job training and provide advisory role on procurement matters to Field Offices.
  • Enhance stakeholders corporate governance through capacity building and outreach programs to end users and vendors to ensure highest standards of integrity and impartiality at all times.


  • Provide the services related to travel, transport and logistics to the Bank community. These include travel and transport (including land transport) as well as catering, mailroom and logistics services as follows.
  • Travel - Travel planning and Travel card Administration: i) Securing adequate flights and hotel accommodation, and issuing the required transportation tickets; negotiating rates and service agreements with travel service providers; applying the Travel Policy and monitoring the rules and regulations that govern official travel; and proposing to Management, any necessary policy and procedural changes; and ii) Issuing and updating the Travel Card Policy and procedures Manual; and enforcing compliance with the provisions of these documents.
  • Land Transportation: Formulating and implementing the policy governing utilization of the Bank’s official vehicle fleet and also overseeing the utilization of Bank vehicles at the Headquarters.
  • Stock & Logistics: Establishing and implementing an optimum stockholding policy that is responsive to the needs of the Bank for office supplies and IT consumables at the TRA/ROSA; establishing and implementing a comprehensive, timely and cost effective shipping and delivery operations at the TRA;  as well as well as providing mail, courier, and other logistics support services at the Bank’s HQ and field offices as may be required.
  • Hotel, Catering & Restaurant Services: Assisting with the procurement, and supervising hotel, catering and restaurant services at the Bank’s headquarters.