General Secretariat


The General Secretariat is responsible for:

  • provide secretarial services for Boards of Directors and Boards of Governors, manage Bank documents and records, and prepare the Annual Report of the Bank;
  • coordinate relations between Management, the Boards and member countries;
  • provide protocol and related support services to elected officers, and administrative services to Bank staff;
  • maintain harmonious relations with the administrative services of the host country; and
  • organize conferences, and in particular meetings of the statutory organs of the Bank, manage the interpretation equipment including cassettes taped during deliberations of the Boards and statutory organs, manage the meeting rooms and make the related facilities available.

Reporting Relationships

The secretary-general reports directly to the President and supervises:

  • the Board Proceedings and Documents Division; and
  • the Protocol and Elected Officers Services Division.

The department also has a support service for the organization of conferences.

Principal Activities

Board Proceedings and Documents Division (SEGL.1)

The principal activities of the Board Proceedings and Documents Division are to assist the Boards in their proceedings, monitor relations with member countries, and manage the Bank’s documents. These activities are detailed as follows:

  • prepare and updating a list of Governors and their Alternates;
  • coordinate negotiations on the admission or withdrawal of member countries, and managing subscriptions to the ADB capital and ADF resources;
  • plan and organize the election of the President and Executive Directors, and supervise their installation;
  • prepare the work program of the Boards, and monitor their implementation;
  • process and monitor documents intended for the Boards until they are put in their final version, for signature and distribution;
  • prepare the agenda of Board meetings and provide secretarial services, organize meetings of the Boards and their subsidiary bodies, prepare the transcription of Board deliberations, summaries of Board decisions, and committee reports;
  • compile Board decisions in a collection every six months, and monitor the implementation of the decisions by the organizational units concerned;
  • update and publish the status of the voting powers of member countries periodically;
  • coordinate preparations for the annual meetings of the Boards of Governors and their subsidiary bodies as well as other specific meetings (general capital increase, ADF resource replenishment, including mid-term reviews);
  • keep the seals of the Bank and certifying Bank documents as official;
  • reproduce, print and publish Bank documents, advise Management on the selection and procurement of printing and reproduction equipment, and ensure the standardization and proper use of the equipment; and
  • administer the document management and archive system for the Bank’s central archives and records of the organizational units.

Protocol and Elected Officers Services Division (SEGL.2)

 The principal activities of the Protocol and Elected Officers Services Division are to provide protocol services, manage relations with the host country, and provide administrative assistance to elected officers. These activities are detailed as follows:

  • keep a register of the authorized signatures of the Bank and affiliated institutions;
  • provide protocol services for signing ceremonies of loan agreements, the Annual Meetings, meetings, conferences and important events organized or sponsored by the Bank;
  • coordinate the reception of guests and official delegations visiting the Bank, assist them in fulfilling immigration and customs formalities, and ensure that they benefit from the best conditions during their stay;
  • coordinate negotiations with the host country services on the agreements establishing the Bank, and monitor the said agreements, particularly by managing the diplomatic immunities and privileges granted to the Bank and its staff; and

prepare the budget of the Boards of Governors and Boards of Directors, and monitor its implementation, as well as provide administrative and logistic support services to elected officers.

Conference Services

Conference services section is responsible for:

  • managing all facilities required for internal meetings and conferences organized by the Bank or held at the Bank including, meetings of Boards of Governors, Boards of Directors, their subsidiary bodies and those of other organizational units; and
  • managing interpretation and recording equipment, and ensuring that it operates properly.

Key Interactions with

Internal interfaces

  • all Bank Group employees for protocol services concerning entry and residence visas, franchise, etc.;
  • Governors, their Alternates, and elected officers for administrative and secretarial services;
  • Bank staff for information;
  • all organizational units for advice and assistance in information management and related fields.

External interfaces

  • all member countries for the coordination of statutory matters;
  • Bank Group guests for assistance during their stay;
  • the host government for implementation of the host country agreements; and
  • embassies for obtaining visas for official travel.