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Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department (ONEC)

Despite more than a decade of consistent economic growth across the African continent, the majority of Africans today still light their houses with expensive, dirty kerosene; cook their food with hand-gathered wood or charcoal; and spend much of their working hours cultivating small food plots to ensure their own subsistence. A significant amount of work remains to be done to increase Africans' access to energy while mitigating the environmental and social risks of climate change to ensure sustainable development.

To help meet these challenges, the African Development Bank (AfDB) created the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department (ONEC) in May 2010. The establishment of this Department brought these three interlinked themes under one operational unit, concentrating the necessary skills and financial resources to tackle these operational priorities and to deliver tangible results for the Bank's Regional Member Countries (RMCs).

The mission of the Department is to spearhead the Bank's investments, advisory services, knowledge generation and capacity building in the areas of energy, environment and climate change. The Department is in charge of developing and managing the Bank's public-sector energy portfolio. Through its Environment and Climate Change Division, the Department provides analytical advisory services on climate change and environment for sector operations. It also coordinates the mobilization of innovative climate and environmental finance to pave the way for Africa's green and climate-resilient growth.

Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department contribute to the work of the Bank to paving the way to a more inclusive and greener growth within the framework of the institution’s Strategy for 2013-2022. In line with this strategy, two documents guide the operational pillars of the Department: 2012 Energy Sector Policy and the Climate Change Action Plan for 2011-2015.

Therefore, the vision for the next five years is guided by an operational approach that rests on two pillars: (i) ensuring access to modern energy and (ii) embarking on a lower-carbon and climate-resilient growth path.

The Activities of the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department

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