Vice President, Infrastructure, Private Sector and Regional Integration

Solomon Asamoah

Mr. Asamoah is an investment professional with over 25 years of experience originating and executing transactions in both developed and developing markets. He is the Vice-President for Infrastructure, Private Sector and Regional Integration at the African Development Bank (AfDB), with responsibilities including the Bank’s Private Sector Operations; Financial Institutions/Markets & Equity, including Private Equity Funds; NEPAD and Regional Projects; as well as the implementation of sustainable Infrastructure programs throughout Africa.

He was previously the Deputy CEO and Chief Investment Officer of the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), an International Organization established and headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, and initially capitalized in 2007 at over US $1 billion.
Immediately prior to this Mr. Asamoah was the Vice-President for Private Sector and International Investments at the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), based in Johannesburg. Mr. Asamoah was formerly the Special Assistant to the Executive Vice-President of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Managing Director of the World Bank based in Washington, DC, and later became a Principal Investment Officer at the IFC in Johannesburg, leading IFC’s activities across Africa in the ICT sector.
Prior to this, Mr. Asamoah was an investment banker in the City of London with HSBC Markets.

He has a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College in London.