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Sector Operations

The Vice-Presidency of Operations II: Sector Operations (OSVP), managed by Kapil Kapoor, the Acting Vice President for Operations, comprises the Agriculture and Agro-Industries Department (OSAN)the Water and Sanitation Department (OWAS), the Human Development Department (OSHD), the Governance, Economic and Financial Management Department (OSGE) and the African Natural Resources Center (ANRC).

Responsible for analysis, sector work, and lending operations for projects across Africa, OSVP departments design and manage projects and host several multi-donor initiatives and trust funds.

OSVP complex leads in implementing two of the five core operational priorities of the Bank’s Ten Year Strategy 2013-2022 or TYS (“Governance” and “Skills and Technology”) and one of the areas of special emphasis (“Agriculture and Food Security”). In addition, the complex contributes to implementing “infrastructure development”, through interventions in the water sector and sanitation as well as advising African countries on natural resources management policy formulation and implementation.

OSVP plays a key role in implementing two operational priorities of the Bank’s “High Fives” approved in 2016 by AfDB’s Board of Directors: Feed Africa (+ 150m people adequately fed; + 100m people lifted out of poverty; + 190m hectares with restored productivity) and Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa (creating 80 million jobs; building critical skills; improving access to water & sanitation; strengthening health systems).

As of June 2016, OSVP complex manages 506 active operations, with a total value of USD 10 billion.

OSVP complex has played a key role in addressing some of the continent’s major crises. In response to the crisis related to the Ebola, the Bank approved nine operations for an amount of USD 223 million in 2014. The Bank also contributed to building Resilience to food and nutrition insecurity by approving two regional operations in 2014: one for the Sahel Region amounting to USD 231 million and one for the Horn of Africa Region amounting to a USD 133 million.

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