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Agriculture and Agro-Industries Department (OSAN)

The Agriculture and Agro-Industries Department (OSAN) comprises four divisions: OSAN 1, 2, and 3 oversee agricultural projects in Eastern and Southern Africa, West Africa, and Central Africa respectively; OSAN 4 is responsible for natural resource management and for environmental issues.

The department works to increase agricultural production so as to reduce poverty and promote economic growth on the continent, and protect and manage natural resources.  The approach is described in the Agricultural Sector Strategy 2010-2014. OSAN projects support rural infrastructure to move agricultural produce from farms to markets; promote the use of irrigation and fertilizers to increase productivity, and promote the sustainable management of natural resources land, water (for irrigation), forests, fish.  

OSAN supports the efforts of member country to manage their natural resources as well as those shared by several countries, such as Lake Chad and the Congo Basin Forest.  Land and water management projects address issues of land tenure and security, water availability and access. 

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