OSFU Mandate

The Fragile States (OFSU) Unit has the mandate to coordinate, Bank-wide, the implementation of the Bank’s strategy for Fragile states and administers the Fragile States Facility.

Specifically, the Fragile States Unit:

  • Prepare guidelines, manuals and formats dealing with a diverse range of operational issues that could facilitate the effective and smooth implementation, by staff, of the Bank’s engagement strategy in different categories of fragile states;
  • Collaborate effectively with the Operations Complexes and the Office of the Chief Economist, Regional Departments, Country teams, and Sector Departments, in ensuring that emerging best policies, practices and implementation procedures are mainstreamed in all country programming and appraisal documents for the fragile regional members states;
  • Lead in the Bank-wide collaboration, coordination, harmonization and alignment of the policy frameworks, procedures and practices of the Bank with those of partner agencies and institutions working in fragile states in Africa;
  • Design and participate in the management of financial instruments required to scale-up the flow of development assistance to fragile states;
  • Assist in preparing relevant staff training programs to build internal Bank capacity to actively deliver programs in fragile states.
  • Disseminate knowledge and skills for effective engagement in fragile states- training in analyses of complex development issues and challenges common to fragile states - such as the rapidly changing political, economic and social environments; weak or nonexistent governments capacity to articulate and implement policies; and acute forms of rent seeking activities;
  • Advise Management on the institutional reforms required to better align existing staff incentives structure with the difficult and challenging work environment in fragile states in Africa;
  • Draw appropriate and crosscutting lessons that could comprehensively inform the Bank’s future work and policies in fragile states in Africa. Collaboration with the Research, Governance and the Operations Departments is mandatory in carrying-out the Economic and Sector Work (ESW);
  • Coordinate Bank-wide responses to external requests for information on issues pertaining to its fragile regional member states;
  • Working with regional and non-regional organizations to facilitate dialogue aimed at preventing states from degenerating into fragility, widely defined to include the collapse of economic, political and security systems in a country;
  • Assist in enhancing the advocacy role of the Bank and strengthening its voice on issues pertaining to state fragility, poverty reduction, and underdevelopment in Africa;
  • Facilitating the building of strong strategic partnership frameworks on policies and operational issues with key development institutions and agencies working in fragile states;
  • Organizing global and regional consultations, seminars, workshops and roundtables with partners on emerging contemporary issues and challenges in specific fragile regional member states; and
  • Representing the Bank, effectively, in national, regional and global conferences, as well as in workshops and training seminars on issues pertaining to state fragility, poverty and under development
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