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OSFU Objectives

The Fragile States Unit (OFSU) supports the political and socio-economic turnaround of Regional Member Countries (RMC) which are along the continuum of fragility, typically ranging from marked deterioration in performance, to active conflict, to post-crisis and transition, and finally to gradual improvers.

Movement along this continuum is in reality neither automatic nor unidirectional, as countries may stagnate or move back and forth between various fragile situations.

As such, the specific objectives of the Unit are to:

  • Establish policy dialogue and ensure improved governance structures for prevention of future crises;
  • Build the knowledge base for identifying strategic areas of intervention and development;
  • Provide financial and technical assistance to support turn-around through increased capacity of local institutions;
  • Promote donor partnerships and mobilize focused support for post-conflict and post-crisis states;
  • Promote regional peace and integration.

To meet these objectives, the Unit is guided by the following principles:

  • The Bank will engage only in those Regional Member Countries where there is a demonstrated commitment to consolidating peace and security after crisis or conflict (e.g. an agreed peace agreement, a functioning government, involvement of UN and other regional institutions).
  • Supplemental funding committed up-front for three years, and in line with a country’s Debt Sustainability Framework (DSF)
  • Close coordination with other multi-lateral and bilateral partners working to support fragile states.
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