The 2017 Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group will be held on May 22-26, 2017 in Ahmedabad, India. The Annual Meetings are the Bank’s largest annual event and serve to raise the profile of the institution on the global stage. Find out more

Departments and Complexes

Regional Development, Integration and Business Delivery

  • Central Africa

  • East Africa

  • North Africa

  • South Africa

  • West Africa

  • Transition States Coordination
  • Regional Integration Coordination 

Power Energy, Climate and Green Growth 

  • Power Systems Development

  • Climate Change and Green Growth
  • Energy Statistics, Policy and Regulation
  • Renewable Energy
Energy Partnerships

Agriculture, Human and Social Development 

  • Agriculture and Agro-Industry

  • Agricultural Finance and Rural Development
  • Gender, Women and Civil Society
Human Capital, Youth and Skills Development
  • Water and Sanitation 

Private Sector, Infrastructure and Industrialisation

  • Private Sector Development
  • Financial Sector Development
  • Infrastructure

  • Industrial and Trade Development
  • Urban Development

Economic Governance and Knowledge Management

  • Macro Economics Policy, Forecasting and Research
  • Statistics
African Development Institute
Africa Natural Resource Centre
  • Governance and Public Financial Management Coordination


  • Treasury
Financial Control

  • Resource Mobilisation and Partnerships
  • Financial Management
Staff Retirement

Human Resources and Corporate Services

  • General Services and Procurement
  • Human Resources Management
  • Corporate IT Services
Language Services
  • Medical and Occupation Health Services

Senior Vice Presidency

  • Senior Vice Presidency and SMCC Secretariat
  • Strategy and Operational Policies

  • Fiduciary, Procurement Policy, Safeguards and Inspection
  • Programming and Budget
  • Delivery Performance Management and Results
  • Operations Committee Secretariat and Quality Assurance
  • Ombudsman

  • Asia External Representation

  • Staff Appeals Committee