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Ethics Office

Since its establishment in 1963, the African Development Bank has earned and maintained an excellent reputation, based on the knowledge, experience and talent of its employees, the quality of its services and, above all, its standards of professionalism and work conduct. 
To enhance the Bank’s Corporate Governance, the Bank approved the creation of an Ethics Office, with the main purpose of making available to Bank staff, advice on work-related ethical issues, dilemmas and challenges, to avoid real, perceived, or potential conflicts of interest in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. Subsequently, the Ethics Office became the custodian of the African Development Bank’s Code of Ethics, and has strived to build an ethical culture within which Bank activities are undertaken in an open and honest spirit to deliver results.

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The Primary Function of the AfDB Ethics

The primary function of the Ethics Office is to provide advice and guidance to Staff and management on matters of ethics and conduct of the Bank’s Staff in the work place. A commitment to integrity and the highest ethical standards is fundamental to the Bank. Thus, the Ethics Office is the anchor of a successful corporate ethics culture and ensures awareness and understanding of the Bank’s Core Values and ethical standards.

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Code of Ethics

How to reach us

Team Members

Ms. Paula Santos-Da Costa    Head of Ethics Office
24th floor in CCIA – Office N°: 24-L/M Tel: +22520263793 / +2257572167

Mr. Kenneth ONYANGO   Chief, Regional Ethics Officer
24th floor in CCIA – Office N°: 24N      Tel: +22520264432 / +22575750648

Ms. Jasmin MTEMVU-KOUAME   Ethics Assistant
24th floor in CCIA – Office N°: 24L/M   Tel: +22520262967 / +22575750448