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The Primary Function of the African Development Bank Ethics Office

The primary function of the Ethics Office is to provide advice and guidance to Staff and management on matters of ethics and conduct of the Bank’s Staff in the work place. A commitment to integrity and the highest ethical standards is fundamental to the Bank. Thus, the Ethics Office is the anchor of a successful corporate ethics culture and ensures awareness and understanding of the Bank’s Core Values and ethical standards.

The Ethics Office acts independently of any official, department, office or other organizational units of the Bank. For administration purposes, the Ethics Office reports to the President’s Complex of the Bank. The scope of the functions of the Ethics Office shall be limited to staff members and not extend to elected officers who are covered by a separate framework. The Ethics Office provides impartial, confidential advice and guidance to Staff on ethical issues involving the Bank’s Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations, as well as other behaviour that may reflect adversely on the Bank.

The Ethics Office’s duties include clarifying conflict of interest concerns and providing guidance on Bank policies and procedures. The principal aim is to provide assistance in resolving ethical matters in a manner that contributes to the good governance of the Bank and helps to maintain its reputation for probity, integrity, and impartiality.

The Ethics Office is responsible for advising and assisting in the development of specific framework and guidelines, which set out acceptable standards of conduct as well as the administration and interpretation of the Staff Code of Ethics. The Ethics Office advocates for and maintains a strong ethics culture in line with best practices in other organizations through training, seminars and learning events.

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