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Welcome Note from African Development Bank Ethics Office

Dear Colleagues, 

Since its establishment in 1963, the African Development Bank has earned and maintained an excellent reputation, based on the knowledge, experience and talent of its employees, the quality of its services and, above all, its standards of professionalism and work conduct.  

To enhance the Bank’s Corporate Governance, the Bank approved the creation of an Ethics Office, with the main purpose of making available to Bank staff, advice on work-related ethical issues, dilemmas and challenges, to avoid real, perceived, or potential conflicts of interest in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. Subsequently, the Ethics Office became the custodian of the African Development Bank’s Code of Ethics, and has strived to build an ethical culture within which Bank activities are undertaken in an open and honest spirit to deliver results. 

Staff members and other Stakeholders expect that the standards set forth in the Code of Ethics are applied. It is the responsibility of all Bank Staff and management to ensure that these standards are respected. 

The Code of Ethics applies to every staff member and other stakeholders who work for the African Development Bank.  It serves as a guide to making the right choices and is an important instrument and reference point for maintaining high ethical standards. Clearly articulating the Code of Ethics will help each of us to understand and act according to the continuously evolving rules and regulations governing the Bank’s endeavours, and to adhere to the Bank’s Core Values and good work practices. 

It is important to note that Members of the Board of Directors and Senior Management are fully committed to conducting the Bank’s work in accordance with high ethical standards and in helping to set the tone for the Bank. Each of us, is individually responsible for respecting and adhering to the Code of Ethics and Bank policies, as well as Staff Rules and Regulations. By doing so, we will avoid any reputational risk that could adversely affect the image of the Bank. 

For its part, the Ethics Office is dedicated to disseminating an ethical culture Bank wide. It is continuously designing various training and education schemes. Dissemination of ethical messages and best practices as part of building an appropriate ethical culture is designed to be an expansive and a continuous process, from online features to teach the principles of the code, to regular field visits and training of staff both at Headquarters and in the Country Offices. 

Another major duty of the Ethics Office is to administer the disclosure provisions of the Code of Ethics, which is already available on-line. The disclosure serves as a simple but practical reminder to Staff to be mindful of potential conflicts of interest and serves as a tool for transparency and openness on any other activities Staff might engage in while they are employees of the Bank. All Staff members are expected to comply with this requirement. 

If you have any concerns or questions about matters described in the Code of Ethics, please raise them with your supervisor, and/or with the Ethics Office directly. Our ethical standard of work conduct is a continuous journey that we must take together.  Thank you for your unreserved commitment to the Bank’s Code of Ethics in your daily work. Indeed, each of us is responsible for helping ensure that we continue to meet the standards that have made the African Development Bank a global leading financial institution and a pride for Africa. 



the Bank Ethics Office