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Whistleblower Protection

The Policy

In order to enhance good governance and transparency, the Bank has a Whistle-blowing and Complaints Handling Policy to provide an avenue for raising concerns related to prohibited practices and to protect whistleblowers from retaliation.

IACD is designated as the advocate for whistleblowers and is authorised to implement the Policy.  IACD is responsible for undertaking investigations under the Policy.

The Whistleblower

A whistleblower is any party who, in good faith, conveys or is proven to be about to convey a concern, an allegation or any information indicating that a prohibited practices such as fraud or corruption is occurring or has occurred in the Bank or in a Bank-financed project.

IACD guarantees confidentiality of the identity of whistleblowers and complainants.


Retaliation is any act direct or indirect, recommended, threatened or taken against a whistleblower or a complainant because the whistleblower or the complainant has made a disclosure pursuant to the Policy. Retaliation shall not be permissible against any whistleblower or complainant. Retaliation includes:

  • Discrimination
  • Reprisal
  • Harassment
  • Vengeance

As a matter of general deterrence, the Bank shall publicly inform Bank staff of the penalty imposed for misconduct arising from retaliation.

Retaliation Remedies

Employment remedies available to a whistleblower who has been subject of retaliation shall be determined by the President based upon the findings and recommendations of IACD.