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About the Office


The President's Office is responsible for assisting the President in planning, supervising and managing the affairs of the Bank.

Reporting relationships

The Director, Office of the President, reports to the President.

Principal Activities

  •  monitor, coordinate and supervise the implementation of the various Bank programs;
  •  prepare and organize the missions of the President;
  •  review, process and distribute the mail of the Presidency;
  •  review, evaluate and give advice on the means of communication and other forms of interaction between the Presidency and the various organs of the Bank;
  • ensure that Board and Management decisions are effectively implemented;
  • provide effective administrative and logistic support to facilitate implementation of the President’s program;
  • prepare, monitor and audit the annual budget of the Presidency;
  • represent the Bank, in line with the President’s instructions, at various international conferences and meetings, as well as working missions to member countries;
  • prepare and organize Presidential Council Meetings as well as facilitating follow up on its decisions;
  • prepare and organize the meetings of the President with senior management, Staff and visitors to the Bank and facilitating follow up on the decisions of these meetings;
  • submit summaries of Audit Reports to the President and follow up on the implementation of the recommendations of the reports by the concerned Departments/Units; and
  • coordinate administrative issues relating to directors of departments falling under the office of the President.

Key interactions

  • all Bank Group organizational units, with a view to ensuring that Management’s directives are implemented;
  • all Bank Group organizational units, as regards to the communication of information and taking measures to ensure the implementation of approved initiatives and programmes of activity;
  • all organizational units under the Presidency;
  • budget department (COBS) for matters relating to the preparation and execution of the budget of the Presidency;
  • the organizational units involved with organizing the President’s missions; and
  • external organizations for the President’s missions and work programmes.