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Areas of special emphasis

Three areas of special emphasis

In implementing its ten-year Strategy, and as an integral part of the two objectives, the Bank will pay particular attention to fragile states, agriculture and food security, and gender.

Fragile states

Supporting fragile states can strengthen these economies, which house a fifth of the continent’s people and a significant proportion of its poverty. Fragility is contagious as well as episodic—it calls for support tailored to diverse needs and a continuum and regional approach built around dialogue, local  ownership and the celebration of success.

Agriculture and food security

Strengthening agriculture and food security through an integrated value chain approach can improve  the livelihoods of Africans who live in rural areas. Many are reliant on subsistence farming, and a  sizable proportion is chronically vulnerable to climatic uncertainty. Africa lives off its land, and more  than 70 percent of Africans work on the land, which too often fails to provide for their needs. By  continuing to invest in rural infrastructure (such as rural roads, irrigation, electricity, storage facilities, access to markets, conservation systems and supply networks), the Bank will help countries increase
agricultural productivity and competitiveness.

By investing in regional infrastructure and engaging in policy dialogue to remove trade barriers to  importing food and inputs such as fertilizers, it will help restrict food price volatility and reduce food  insecurity.


Increasing the capabilities and opportunities of women and girls can boost the productivity and  participation of half the African population.

A focus on knowledge, skills development and legal and property rights is the precursor to empowering women’s enterprise. Women and girls bear significantly more than half of the continent’s  burdens, but they also carry disproportionately high potential as generators of income.