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Financing the Strategy

Financing the Strategy—mobilizing and leveraging new sources of development finance

The Bank’s financial resources will always be a small fraction of Africa’s requirements. Current fiscal  constraints in donor countries suggest that official development assistance could well be largely  stagnant in the coming years.

The Bank will therefore seek new and creative ways of mobilizing resources to support Africa’s transformation, especially by leveraging its own resources.

The Group will of course continue to build on and expand the size and the practical operations of both  the African Development Bank and the Africa Development Fund. But with the changing global  economic landscape, it will explore options for attracting additional investment from emerging  economies and from new funders and donors, including sovereign wealth and pension funds. It will use its existing instruments better, while developing new ways of ensuring that a dollar invested by  the Bank unlocks significantly more from other investors. Wider use of public-private partnerships,
co-financing arrangements and risk-mitigation instruments will draw in new investors.