Thematic sessions

The second component of the Conference will be the concurrent thematic sessions to focus on themes pertinent to Africa’s growth and development. These will address highly topical and current policy issues. Four thematic areas will be covered with sub-themes as follows:

Session A: Wealth Creation and Equity in Africa

  • Growth-Employment Nexus
  • Growth-Income Inequality Nexus
  • Investing In People: Education and Health
  • Rate of Return to Education in Africa
  • The Challenges of Service Delivery in Africa
  • Debt Relief and Social Service Expenditure in Africa
  • Are African Countries Richer than they are developed? A Multidimensional Analysis of Well-Being

Session B: Trade and Regional Integration:

  • Africa in the World Trading System
  • Intra-African Trade
  • The Doha Round: Which Way Forward?
  • China, India and Africa: Prospects and Challenges
  • Preferential/Multilateral Trade Arrangements in Africa
  • Challenges and Prospects of Relaxing Export Supply Constraints

Session C: Finance and Investment

  • Private Investment Promotion in Africa
  • FDI and Economic Development in Africa
  • Capital Markets: Roles and Challenges
  • Corporate Governance
  • Micro-Finance Institutions for Economic development
  • Revisiting Development Finance Institutions
  • Commercial Banks in Sub-Saharan Africa

Session D: Growth and Sectoral Policy Issues

  • Impact of Oil Shocks on African Economies
  • Aid, Debt and Growth
  • Peasant Agriculture and Economic Development
  • Agriculture Water Development and Management in Africa
  • Productivity and Economic Growth in Tunisian Agriculture: An Empirical Evidence
  • Diversifying Africa’s Productive Base
  • Technology for Development
  • Infrastructure Development: Prospects and Challenges
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