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Participants reactions

Participants in the African Economic Conference, jointly organized by the African Development Bank and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, from November 15-17, 2007, hailed and recognized the importance of bringing together policy-makers and researchers. Some, however, also highlighted areas for improvement.

Mamodou Ceesay, Adviser Governor’s Office, Central Bank of the Gambia

This meeting is, without doubts, very important, not only in terms of it being a follow-up to last year’s meeting in Tunis, it is also a reflection of the complexity of Africa’s development which is an ongoing process that needs to be accelerated while persisting in the pursuit of high efficiency and growth. This meeting is a recognition of these facts and, therefore, the need to bring on board, in a cohesive manner, the many complex and difficult issues Africa is facing with a view to finding solutions.

Victor Imboua Niava, Executive Director, Symposia Consult, Ghana

As an interpreter, I have participated in many high-level conferences. This one comes at the right moment; a time when the continent need intellectual contributions from all its sons and daughters in order to emerge out of poverty. The organization of this conference is, for us African intellectuals, a unique opportunity to discuss our continent’s economic issues. It’s time for the continent to take off given that it has the necessary resources to improve upon its economy. Speakers during the conference spoke of Africa’s renaissance and its economic integration. Emphasis should be laid on intra-African trade, mass literacy, professional training, infrastructure and health.

Olivier Mahan, AfDB Economist

An economic conference for Africa is a unique opportunity to bring together economists and researchers working on African development issues. However, this meeting must be continued by focusing on operational contributions and bringing out very strong themes and determinants for development, especially the implementation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper after so many years. The other issue is to know about the place of public goods structuring within the context of the continent’s development.

René Samba, CERAPE (Centre for Research and Analysis on Economic Policies), Brazzaville, Congo

The African Economic Conference is of capital importance to our countries as it provides an opportunity for the exchange of ideas among economists, policy-makers and researchers with a view to seeking ways and means of attaining growth, fighting extreme poverty in Africa and promoting sustainable development on the continent.

Serges Maurice Pambou, Director of Cabinet, Ministry of the Economy, Budget, Finance and Privatization, Gabon

The conference is very interesting. It will raise so many issues and provide possible solutions for the continent’s economic development. African intellectuals, policy-makers and Economists must be frank in order to help the continent find solutions to its problems.

Jacques Junior Schule, Editor-in-Chief, Finance Eco, Cameroon

The objective of the conference is commendable. However, it is necessary to implement the recommendations and their impact.

Boty Bi Eugène, Central Bank of West African States, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

I think it is still early for me to make any useful remarks on the dept of the conference. Because of this, my first remark is on the welcome, which was not good, especially with regard to information for French-speaking participants.

Francois Wandora, Service Head, Department of Studies and Statistics, Burkina Faso

The organisation of this conference is a good initiative given that it makes it policy for experts to exchange perspectives and ideas. The time allocated for presentations and discussions on these issues are limited. It does not allow us to discuss the issues in greater detail.

Contact: Aristide Ahouassou, AfDB,

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