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12 November 2008

10:45 - 12:30

1st Plenary Session Panels

African Manufacturing in a Globalized World
Presenter: Arne Bigsten

14:00 - 15:30
Session I.1.1: Migration and Remittances

Is the Brain Drain Good for Africa?
Presenter: William Easterly and Yaw Nyarko

Les déterminants de transferts des résidents marocains à l’étranger
Presenter: A.Elkhider, A. El Bouhadi, El M. Kchirid

Session I.1.2: Public-Private Role in Institution Building
Does institutional quality matter in limiting the growth of government in sub-saharan Africa?

Presenter: Sanjeev K Sobhee
The disconnect between formal and informal institutions in the Tanzanian firm sector: no shortcut to a conductive investment climate.
Presenter: Marion J. Eeckhout

Session I.1.3: Policy and Institutions

Une expérience réussie de politique économique en Afrique: La politique économique en Tunisie
Presenter: Ferdinand Bakoup
L'émergence économique des nations: définition et mesure.
Presenter: Moubarack LO

Session I.1.4: Financial Development and Growth

Développement financier, croissance économique et productivité globale des facteurs en Afrique Subsaharienne.
Presenter: Brou Emmanuel AKA
Financial Development - Economic Growth Nexus: Empirical Evidence from Uganda
Presenter: Thomas Bwire, Andrew Musiime
15:30 - 17:00

Session I.2.1: Climate Change
Climate Change, impacts in Africa: The Role of the African Development Bank
Presenter: Sebastian Veit
Forest management and Climate change in Africa: evidence from Cameroon
Presenter: Daniel Gbetnkom

Session I.2.2: Micro-Finance

Constraints in Access to and Demand for Rural Credit: Evidence from Uganda
Presenter: Paul Mpuga
Importance of Agricultural Credit in Ghana’s Credit Sector: A Logit Model Analysis
Presenter: Edward Asiedu, K.Y. Fosu

Session I.2.3: Trade and Financial Integration
Trade and Investment between Japan and Africa in the context of follow-up to the fourth Tokyo international conference on african development

Presenter: Nicholas N. Gouede

How integrated are Africa’s stock markets with the rest of the world?
Presenter: Paul Alagidede

Session I.2.4: Rural Development Issues
Rural poverty dynamics and impact of intervention programs upon chronic and transitory poverty in northern Ethiopia
Presenter: Nega, Mathijsb, Deckersb, Haile, Nyssen, Tollen
The Economic Impact of Global Warming on Livestock Husbandry in Kenya: A Ricardian Analysis.
Presenter: Jane Kabubo-Mariara
12 NOVEMBER 2008

17:30 - 19:00

Session I.3.1: Trade and Regional Integration
Market Access for Africa's Transformation and Development: what's lacking and why it's a problem?
Presenter: Hilary Nwokeabia
Trade Intensity and Business Cycle Synchronicity in Africa
Presenter: S. Jules-Armand Tapsobat

Session I.3.2: Household Behaviour
Mortality Expectations and Fertility Decisions
Presenter: D. Bloom, D. Canning, I. Guenther, S. Linnemayr
The Portfolio Behaviour of the Household Sector in African Economies
Presenter: Bashar Al-Zu’bi and Victor Murinde
Session I.3.4: Aid and Human Development
African Education Challenges and Policy Responses: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the African Development Bank
Presenter: Albert-Enéas Gakusi
Aid and Human Capital Formation: Some Evidence
Presenter: Kwabena Gyimah-Brempong, Elizabeth Asiedu