13 November 2008

10:30 - 12:00

Session II.1.1: Aid and Development Effectiveness

Aid and dependence: the African growth puzzle
Presenter: Joseph Baricako
L'Aide publique au développement de la Chine aux pays pétroliers et miniers d'Afrique contribue-t-elle au développement des pays récipiendaires?
Presenter: Théophile Dzaka

Session II.1.2: Agriculture and Food Security
Les déterminants de l'adoption des variétés améliorées de maïs: adoption et impact de la "CMS 8704"
Presenter: S.M. Ntsama Etoundi, B. Kamgnia Dia
Reforming agricultural trade under commodity price volatility: can poor african countries achieve food security and economic development?
Presenter: William A. Amponsah, Victor Ofori-Boadu

Session II.1.3: Policy Reform and Decentralization
Analyse d’une stratégie de développement économique et humain à Madagascar
Presenter: Eric Norbert Ramilison
Expenditure Decentralization and Outcomes: Some Determinant Factors for Success from Cross-Country Evidence
Presenter: Nketcha Nana

Session II.1.4: Development of Stock Markets in Africa
Climate Change andWeather-Indexed Bonds
Presenter: Joseph Atta-Mensah
Microstructure elements of the Bonds Market in Kenya
Presenter: Rose W. Ngugi, Justus Agoti

13:00 - 14:30

Session II.2.1: Labor Market Issues
A comparison of rural wage employment in Ghana, Malawi and Nigeria with other developing countries
Presenter: Winters, de la O, Hertz, Davis, Zezza, Carletto

Session II.2.2: Macroeconomic Policy Space
Promoting manufacturing to accelerate economic growth and reduce volatility in Africa
Presenter: Adam B. Elhiraika

Session II.2.3: Agriculture Issues
Learning to do things differently: New partnership and institutional development models for agriculture and rural development in Africa’s globalizing economies
Empirical analysis of Agricultural Productivity Growth in Sub-Sahara Africa: 1961-2003
Presenter: AJjao Olajide A.

Session II.2.4: Financial Integration
Intégration Financière et Rattrapage Technologique: Evidence Empirique à partir du Bassin Méditerranéen
Presenter: M Safouane Ben Aissa, I. Drine, M. Sami Nabi
Le système financier marocain : Pour une convergence accélérée vers les standards de l’Union Européenne
Presenter: Dr Said Moufti

14:30 - 16:00

Session II.3.1: Aid Allocation and Development Strategy

Adapting Aid Allocation Criteria to Development Goals
Presenter: Patrick Guillaumont
Policy Reform and Aid Effectiveness in Africa
Presenter: Mina Baliamoune-Lutz

Session II.3.2: Challenges of Globalization
Determinants of Globalization and Growth Prospects for Sub-Saharan African Countries 
Presenter: Hippolyte Fofack
Session II.3.3: Monetary Unions and Currency Areas
Regional Euro-Currency Integration and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
Presenter: Juliet Elu & Gregory Price
Endogenous optimal currency areas: The case of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community
Presenter: Fabrizio Carmignani

Session II.3.4: Investment Climate
Small Enterprise Growth and the Rural Investment Climate: Evidence from Tanzania
Presenter: Tidiane Kinda, Josef L. Loening
Does Investment in Knowledge and Technology Spur “Optimal” FDI in the MENA Region? Evidence from Logit and Cross-Country Regressions
Presenter: Steve Onyeiwu

16:30 - 18:00
Session II.4.1: Resource Management and Infrastructure

Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure in Africa 

fileadmin/uploads/afdb/Documents/Knowledge/30754220-EN-2.4.1-AFEIKHENA-INFRAJEROME-AFDB-AEC-SEPT.PDFPresenter: Afeikhena Jerome
Les déterminants de la demande d’énergie dans l’espace CEDEAO
Presenter: Ochozias A. Gbaguidi

Session II.4.2: Economic Partnership Agreements

Bilateral investment treaties between ECOWAS and European Union Countries: lessons for the economic partnership agreement
Presenter: Abiodun S. Bankole
Interim Economic Partnership Agreements point to the classic Regional Trade Agreements after all: Should African countries really be worried?
Presenter: Stephen N. Karingi and Laura Deotti

Session II.4.3: Post-Conflict Reconstruction
Civil war and post conflict reconstruction in Africa
Presenter: Janvier D. Nkurunziza
How Effective Fiscal Federalism in Conflict Resolution in Sudan
Presenter: Amin Salih Yasin

Session II.4.4: External Account and Debt
Capital Flight Repatriation: Investigation of its Potential Gains for Sub-Saharan African Countries
Presenter: Hippolyte Fofack and Léonce Ndikumana
Mobilité des capitaux en Afrique du Nord
Presenter: Boulila Ghazi

19:30 - 22:00
Conference Dinner

Deepening the Understanding of the Impact of Rapid Urbanization in Africa’s Economic Development
Presenter: Dr Alioune Badiane

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