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14 November 2008

08:30 - 10:00

3rd Plenary Session Panels

Aid Effectiveness, Ownership And Poverty Reduction
Presenter: Caleb M. Fundanga
Poverty and Distribution: Twenty Years Ago and Now
Presenter: Ravi Kanbur

10:45 - 12:15

Session III.1.1: Gender and Poverty

Impact du développement du secteur financier sur la pauvreté selon le genre en milieu rural camerounais
Presenter: C. Kendo Tchakounte, F. Menjo Baye, F. Sikod
Globalization, Gender Equality and Economic Development of Africa
Presenter: Margaret Chenda Mashinkila

Session III.1.2: Banking and Financial Development
Measuring The Competitiveness Of The Financial Services Sector: What Are The Lessons For African Economies?
Presenter: L. Kasekende, K. Mlambo, V. Murinde, T. Zhao
Empirical Study of Efficiency and Productivity of the Banking Industry in Egypt
Presenter: Malak Reda

Session III.1.3: Corruption and Public Finance Management
Regional income vulnerability and public service provisions in China: could the methodology be applied to Africa?
Presenter: Yiu Por Chen & Richard Schiere
Can Corruption Be Studied in the Lab? Comparing a Field and a Lab Experiment
Presenter: Olivier Armantier, Amadou Boly
Session III.1.4: Remittances and Poverty Reduction

Comment le développement financier influence-t-il l’impact des transferts de fonds sur la croissance économique au Sénégal :Effet de substituabilité ou de complémentarité ?
Presenter: Ameth Saloum Ndiaye
Do international remittances affect poverty in Africa?
Presenter: J. C. Anyanwu