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The 2008 edition of the African Economic Conference will focus on issues relevant to the theme "Globalization, Institutions and Economic Development in Africa".

The break-out sessions will be based on submitted papers and will focus on:

  • Role of Public-Private partnerships in Institution Building,
  • Policy and Institutions,
  • Monetary and Financial Issues,
  • Monetary and Financial Regulation including Microfinance,
  • Climate Change,
  • Competitiveness in Africa and Asia,
  • Trade and Regional Integration,
  • Household Behavior and Livelihoods,
  • Global Challenges to African Development,
  • Development Assistance Effectiveness,
  • Agriculture, Food Security and Rural Credit,
  • Institutions and Policies,
  • Macroeconomic Regulatory Framework,
  • Investment Climate,
  • Skills Development and Employment,
  • Resources and Infrastructures Management,
  • Trade Agreements,
  • Post-Conflict and Fragile States,
  • External Debt,
  • Gender and Poverty.