Oumy Ndiaye Sarr, responsible for multilateral monitoring, Ministry of the Economy and Finances, Senegal

Obstacles to the free movement of goods and persons constitute a real barrier to regional integration. The volume of intra-community trade is not unaffected by this. Such trade remains largely ineffectual in terms of being able to create an impact on accelerating regional integration. It should also be noted that there are questions of political governance that are highly significant in the implementation of agreements and protocols on regional integration. Socio-political instability also constitutes a barrier to African integration.

The West African sub-region, for example, has experienced a climate of conflicts, and political and military crises, during the last two decades. These have had a negative impact on the implementation of certain regional integration policies. The AfDB must do more work with the sub-regional institutions to produce better coordination between national and regional development programs. The aim must be to complete structural projects and programs for the region. Synergizing actions is also necessary in order to mobilize resources required to provide funding for these priority development projects and programs in the region. The Regional Integration Strategy 2014–2023 of the AfDB must emphasize the involvement of the sector through the creation of tools. These include, in particular, appropriate legislation coupled with a development framework for the private sector. These tools must be accompanied by the necessary incentives for facilitating and promoting the private sector so that it can invest in areas relating to national and regional development objectives.

Integrating Africa’s Workforce

If African countries are to transform structurally and integrate regionally, African workers and talents must be able to explore job opportunities and skills transfer across industries and across borders.

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