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Intégration régionale et croissance : Le cas de l'Afrique centrale

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2013 - Institutional integration, policy coordination and convergence


  • Gaston Xavier Dagba Ndongo
  • Joseph Baricako

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The Charter of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and the Constitutive Act of the African Union (AU) consider regional integration as one of the key pillars of the unity and development of the continent. Accordingly, several initiatives have been implemented since decades following the Abuja treaty with a view to achieve full regional integration by 2034. Unfortunately, the process is suffering from numerous impediments. In Central Africa, the process is globally restrained by the reluctance of the ruling classes, a huge discrepancy between the protocols and agreements signed and the implementation on the ground, the poor mobilization of the resources and the incomplete implementation of the instruments necessary for its achievement. In order to prove the benefits induced in terms of growth by regional integration on the economies of Central Africa, the current paper intends to determine the nature, the amplitude and the persistence of the impact of regional integration efforts on the economic growth for the countries of the zone. For this purpose, the econometric modeling uses a VAR model estimated on panel data. The implementation reveals that the global contribution of a Central African country to the integration of the region counts for 16,96% of its economic growth change. Economic union and full economic union are the crucial phases of regional integration process, which contribute the more to growth in ECCAS countries for about 3,34% et 7,79% respectively. The impacts of trade liberalization and customs union, even if they are relatively small, are positive and persistant for 10 years. The improvement of regional integration in Central Africa through the respect of convergence criteria and trade liberalization, increase slightly growth in the region for a similar ten years period ; even if the speed is very sensitive the first two years.

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