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A Quality of Growth Index for Developing Countries: A Proposal
  • Montfort Mlachila
  • René Tapsoba
  • Sampawende J. Tapsoba
Addressing Poverty and Gender Inequality Through Access to Formal Credit and Enhanced Enterprise Performance in Nigeria: An Empirical Investigation
  • Emmanuel O. Nwosu
  • Anthony
Africa’s Changing Farmland Ownership: Causes and Consequences
  • T.S. Jayne Jordan Chamberlin
  • Lulama Traub N. Sitko
  • Milu Muyanga Kwame Yeboah, Chewe Nkonde
  • Ward Anseeuw, A. Chapoto Richard Kachule
Analyse Multidimensionnelle des Inégalités et de la Polarisation au Cameroun
  • Hans Tino Ayamena Mpenya
Building resilience to climate-related shocks: farmers’ vulnerability to climate shocks in the Niger basin of Benin
  • Boris Odilon Kounagbè Lokonon
Building the IID-SSA inequality dataset and the seven sins of inequality measurement in SSA
  • Giovanni Andrea Cornia
  • Bruno Martorano
Climatic Shocks and Food security: The role of Foreign Aid
  • KINDA Somlanare Romuald
Commodity Dependence and Human Development
  • Janvier D. Nkurunziza
  • Sofia Cazzaniga
Concept and Measure of Inclusive Health across Countries
  • Audrey Verdier-Chouchane
  • Charlotte Karagueuzian
Croissance économique, emploi et pauvreté au Cameroun
  • Talla Fokam Dieu Ne Dort
De la relation entre croissance et pauvreté en Afrique : Pourquoi l’Afrique n’a-t-elle pas suffisamment réduit la pauvreté sur la période des OMD?
  • El Hadji Fall
  • Janvier Alofa
  • Marc Akplogan
Democracy and Human Poverty Nexus: The African Experience
  • Atif Awad
  • Ishak Youssof
Does agricultural productivity really matter for food security in a landlocked sub-Saharan African country? The case of Burkina Faso
  • Patrice Zidouemba
  • Françoise Gérard
Effets distributifs de l’accès aux services de base sur le bien-être des ménages au Togo
  • Dossè Mawussi Djahini-Afawoubo
Exploring the Dynamic of the Tax Gap in Africa
  • Foly Ananou
  • Georges Vivien Houngbonon
Finding the Best Indicators to Identify the Poor
  • Adama Bah
Food and Non-Food Expenditure Differential across Poor and Non-Poor Households in South-East Nigeria
  • Obisesan Omobolaji Olubukunmi
  • Salman Kabir Kayode
  • Daramola Adebukola Yewande
  • Rufai Adedoyin Mistura Ogunniyi Adebayo
Gender and the Political Economy of Land in Africa
  • Euphrasie B.H. Kouamé
  • Namizata Binaté Fofana
Gender Differences in Climate Change Risk, Food Security and Adaptation: A study of rural households’ reliance on agriculture and natural resources to sustain livelihoods
  • Byela Tibesigwa
  • Martine Visser
  • Lori Hunter
  • Mark Collinson Wayne Twine
Gender-Based Financial Exclusion and Economic Growth in Developing Countries
  • Maty Konte

Conference Venue

African Union Building and Government Hotel, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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