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Accelerating Agro-Manufacturing to Feed Africa
  • John Anyanwu
  • Mawuko Kponnou
Adapting agriculture to climate risk: a case study of Ceres - South Africa
  • Abiodun Akintunde Ogundeji
  • Henry Jordaan
  • Jan Groenewald
Agricultural Sector Performance and Nigeria’s Energy Subsidy Removal: A CGE Simulation.
Agrobusiness de l’anacarde en Casamance (Sénégal) : atouts, contraintes et perspectives d’industrialisation
  • Sène Abdourahmane Mbade
Breaking the Tradition Trap: Assessing Drivers of Modern Technology Adoption by Smallholder Farmers in Hurungwe, Zimbabwe
  • Carren Pindiriri
Chaines de valeurs mondiale et montée en gamme des pays de la CEDEAO
  • Abdul-Fahd FOFANA
Changement Climatique et Ajustement Dynamique dans L'Agriculture : Le Cas Du Cameroun
  • Martial Bindoumou
Climate Change and Food Security: Do Spatial Spillovers Matter?
  • Somlanare Romuald KINDA
  • Nazindigouba Eric KERE
Climate Change Mitigation in Ethiopia: To what extent do carbon sequestration projects put impact on smallholder farm households’ income?
  • Tagesse Abo Melketo
Climate change perception and system of rice intensification (SRI) in Tanzania: A moment approximation approach
  • Mare Sarr
Credit constraints and farm productivity: Micro-level evidence from smallholder farmers in Ethiopia
Differential Effects of Food Security Policies on Subsistence Farmers and the Urban Poor
  • Francis Mulangu
  • Mario Miranda
Drought Index Insurance versus Supplemental Irrigation Extension Services: A Randomized Controlled Trial Evidence in Northern Ghana
  • Francis Hypolite Kemeze
Economic Analysis of On-Farm Trial of Drought Tolerant Maize in Southern Guinea Savannah Agro-Ecological Zone of Nigeria: Women Perspectives
  • Opeyemi Eyitayo Ayinde
Effect of adoption of irrigation on rice yield in the municipality of Malanville, Benin
  • Gbetondji Melaine Armel Nonvide
Effects of regional trade agreements on strategic agricultural trade in Africa and its implications to food security: Evidence from gravity model estimation
  • Edris Hussein Seid
  • Fredu Nega Tegebu
Efficiency of Agro-processing SMEs in Cameroon
  • TOTOUOM FOTUE Luc Armand
Environmental Services Provision in Rural Area in Cameroon: An Opportunity for a Sustainable Agriculture in Barombi Mbo Community.
  • Claudiane Yanick Moukam
Faut-il modifier les mécanismes de fixation de prix d’achat du coton graine au producteur et d’abondement du fonds de gestion risque prix de la filière coton au Cameroun ?
  • MPABE BODJONGO Mathieu Juliot
Feeding the African Child: Socioeconomic Variables and Child Nutritional Status in the Nigeria’s Geopolitical Zones
  • Anthony Orji
  • Emmanuel Nwosu

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