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Registration and Submission Requirement

Individuals and teams registering for the Challenge must also be registered to attend the AYA Forum.


  • Proposals should not exceed 1000 Words;
  • The submission must be in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font;
  • All appropriate information must be cited;
  • The submission should be sent in PDF or Microsoft Word format in English;
  • Indicate which category you are applying to

Structure of Proposals

  1. Title Page – Name (s) of contributors, Title of the proposal; category applying to;
  2. Problem formulation (which challenges, existing gaps, existing opportunities is the proposal addressing?
  3. Description of the solution;
  4. Unique positioning of the solution vis a vis similar solutions. What is the extra value?;
  5. Market Analysis - actual or projected market size;
  6. Financial/Funding Plan;
  7. Potential risks and challenges;
  8. Additional information;

Important Dates

15 March 2018 Deadline for submission of proposals

25 March 2018 Acceptance notification to successful candidates

1 April 2018 Submission of revised proposals

9-11 April 2018 AgriPitch Competition

Evaluation criteria


Assessment Criteria



Value Proposition & Innovation Rational

  • how creative is the idea or how creatively the idea solves a problem



Sustainability and scaling-up

  • sustainability (capacity to bear fruit over time, a clear ownership being identified)
  • potential for scaling-up



Project Feasibility

  • Commercial and technical feasibility; profitability
  • easiness of implementation:



Professionalism and Presentation of the Proposal

  • structure and presentation of the document
  • ease of comprehension of the innovative idea


Registration for the AgriPitch Competition

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