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AgriPitch Competition (24-26 June 2019)


Process and General Eligibility

The AgriPitch competition aims to instil a culture of innovation and nurture technology-led agribusiness innovations to create jobs and improve livelihoods among the youth. The expected outcome of the competition is to select winning ideas that can lead to new products, programs, projects and processes and to engage young entrepreneurs eager to tackle the challenges they face as well as global challenges through ‘’climate smart solutions” that transform agriculture as well as protect the climate and environment.

Through a call for proposals, all business proposals submitted for the AgriPitch Competition will go through a rigorous screening process based on specific criteria (see below). An evaluation committee will be responsible for selecting the ten (10) best business proposals from each category who will then be invited to participate in the 2019 AgriPitch Competition. An investment teaser of the ten (10) best proposals from each category will be shared with investors prior to the event. Prizes (cash and in-kind) will be awarded to the top three (3) finalists in each category. 

Business Categories and Areas of Focus

Proposals for the competition will be submitted under three categories:

  1. Early Start-ups (0-2 years) – eligible for the AgriPitch competition Grant prize for Early Start-ups.
    • Individuals who are at the very early stage of developing ideas/concepts for Agripreneurship or a newly established business.
    • Must have a clearly defined prototype or proof of concept.
    • May or may not have had any products introduced to the market.
    • May or may not have a registered corporate entity.
  2. Matured Start-ups (above 3 years) - eligible for the AgriPitch competition grant prize for Matured Start-ups.
    • Individuals and firms with existing market traction: technology, product, service, etc., already on the market.
    • Must have a clear investment ask and growth plan/strategy.
    • Must be a registered corporate entity.
  3. AgriPitch All-stars - past AgriPitch Competition finalists. These will be pitching before investors and not for grant funds.
    • Must be a previous top-10 finalist of either the 2017 or 2018 AgriPitch competitions.
    • Must have a clear investment ask and growth plan/strategy.
    • Must be a registered corporate entity.
  4. The applicant must indicate the category they are applying for.  

The Call for Proposals

The AgriPitch Competition is open to all agripreneurs between the ages of 18 – 35 and resident in Africa.

The call for proposals will be open to individuals or teams who wish to submit innovative proposals demonstrating the use of climate smart practices in any of the following areas of agribusiness that help to create jobs and address food security and malnutrition.

  1. Technology innovations supporting different stages of the agricultural value chain;
  2. Agricultural production (e.g. conservation agriculture, agro-inputs, pest & disease control);
  3. Agricultural harvesting, processing, packaging and marketing;
  4. Agricultural value chain financing;
  5. Agribusiness incubation and mentorship services;
  6. Enhancement to the agribusiness enabling environment.

Prizes and Awards

  1. Prizes: The top finalists in the early start-up and matured start-up categories will receive grant prizes and awards.
    • Early Start-Up:
      • 1st Place – USD 10,000; 2nd Place – USD 8,000; 3rd Place – USD 6,000.
    • Matured Start-Up:
      • 1st Place – USD 25,000; 2nd Place – USD 15,000; 3rd Place – USD 10,000.
    • All-Stars:
      • The top five (5) finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their proposals to investors.
  2. Business Investors: All the categories will be able to pitch their proposals before potential investors and mentors. The 2019 AgriPitch competition is inviting investors with a portfolio focus on start-ups and SMEs in agriculture – they include targeted private equity funds, venture capitalist funds, impact and angel investors. In addition to the pitching, B2B meetings will be set-up on request from the investors.
  3.  Capacity Building: The AYAF will include business clinics, masterclasses and capacity building during and after the competition.
  4. Post competition support: To ensure post competition support, participants of the AgriPitch competition will be linked to relevant platforms and resources geared towards providing relevant mentoring and business development services, such as the Mara Foundation’s Mara Mentor platform and any country relevant enterprise supported organization supported under the Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Multi-Donor Trust Fund. Additionally, finalists from the 2019 AgriPitch competition will be invited to the 2019 Africa Investment Forum (AIF).

AgriPitch Evaluation Criteria







Value Proposition & Innovation Rational

  • how creative is the idea or how creatively the idea solves a problem related to CSA & gender gap
  • job creation potential (considering gender gap)
  • competitive edge





Sustainability & Scalability

  • sound environmental management systems
  • potential for scaling-up
  • sufficient and qualified staff, including management





Business Feasibility & Traction

  • clear customer need intensity and market size
  • commercially and technically feasible with strong profit margins
  • existing traction and customers (for matured start-ups and all-stars)





Professionalism and Presentation of Business

  • structure and presentation of the business model
  • ease of comprehension of the business
  • well written proposal





Investment Appeal

  • investment pull based on respective early start-up, matured start-up, and all-star stage


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