Upon arrival, every participant will receive an identification badge which should be worn constantly. For purposes of security, the luggage and personal effects of all participants will be subject to electronic control at the airport and at the hotel. The information Desk and protocol officers will be at the disposal of participants to help them resolve security--related issues.

The security situation in Senegal is reassuring, and Dakar is considered a peaceful city with virtually no incidents of serious crime. However, foreigners are sometimes victims of petty theft. All guests are, therefore, advised to remain vigilant in all circumstances.

Dakar is a city where people can move around safely during the day. However, some places could be dangerous at night, unless people go out in groups. Like in all big cities, participants should therefore watch out for thieves and pickpockets.

In case of emergency, contact the AfDB security team and the National Organizing Committee on the hot lines which will be widely communicated during the Annual Meetings.

Annual Meetings participants must pay attention to their security in Dakar and in surrounding areas. The ADB security team, in association with the local ser-vices, will permanently ensure the smooth running of the Annual Meetings.

Some taxi drivers in Dakar speak French, but participants are advised to have their Annual Meetings badge on them, which lists in English and French the hotels and main tourist attractions. In Dakar, the vast majority of taxis are not equipped with meters, therefore you should agree on the fare of the trip before starting the trip.

The Senegalese government will provide security services to all de-legates in all designated hotels, Hôtel Méridien Président, and public places as well as tourist attractions.

It is forbidden to bring firearms into the country or to carry any type of weapon within the Conference Centre, without prior authorization from Senegalese autho-rities.

Participants are required to wear the Annual Meetings badge to gain access to the Conference Centre, take the shuttle buses to the Conference Centre, and enter conference rooms, offices and all other facilities.

To have a badge made for you, please contact the desk for registration and issue of badges, located within the gardens of Hôtel Méridien Président. Once in possession of your badge, you will be granted access to all the conference facili-ties.

All participants will be required to pass through the security screening sta-tions to enter the Conference Centre.

The AfDB security team will work in close collaboration with Senegalese secu-rity forces in Hôtel Méridien Président and Hôtel des Almadies, as well as in other hotel facilities. A security station will be available for all security--related pro-blems.

Prohibited Products

Guests are strictly forbidden to bring dangerous drugs such as morphine, heroin, opium, cannabis etc. Drug trafficking is liable to capital punishment. Dangerous goods are, in no circumstance, allowed to be imported from or exported to Senegal.

Firearms are also prohibited. Consequently, every guest wishing to bring a weapon of whatever nature, including weapons for sports, must obtain a permit to carry firearms.

The possession of firearms, without a permit issued by a competent Senegalese judicial authority is liable to prosecution.

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