Travel to and from Dakar

It is recommended that Governors and delegates book their flights, both to and from Dakar. However, should the need arise, the Annual Meetings Secretariat at the International Conference Centre will assist with the confirmation of flight bookings and any other travel-related problems.

Governors and other delegates are advised to make their flight reservations as soon as possible to obtain convenient travel dates and flights. Participants with open tickets may have difficulty in finding seats on flights and airlines of their preference, and could find themselves on flights with complex routings.

The Government of Senegal will facilitate entry visa and customs formalities for members of delegations who would have forwarded their flight schedule and point of entry into Dakar to Bank’s General Secretariat. Measures will also be taken to welcome Governors and members of their delegations.

The General Secretariat will forward to the Senegalese authorities all relevant information relating to the arrival dates of the delegations that it would have received beforehand. To speed up immigration formalities, participants should provide information, namely: the delegate’s name, the country that issued his/her passport, date of arrival and airport of entry.

Therefore, each delegate is invited to complete the application online and return the registration form in which s/he would have input his/her identitification information as follows: given name (s) and\or initials, then the surname. If the surname precedes the given name on the travel document, it should be so indicated (underlined).


Prior to arriving in Dakar, Governors and the delegates are advised to take out a health, travel and personal effects insurance policy for the period of the Annual Meetings.

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