Restaurants in Abidjan

Abidjan, like all capital cities, offers an extremely wide range of international restaurants. In the residential districts, the best of global cuisine is represented and it is possible to eat differently  every day of the week.

Nothing can replace home cooking. In an increasing number of large towns, everyone can appreciate it in the "maquis". This colourful name is given to the courtyards of private houses transformed into undeclared restaurants whose prices are unbeatable (from CFAF 1,000 to 1,500) and whose addresses are spread by word of mouth.

In these maquis where the atmosphere is extremely friendly and lively, the mistress of the house, by varying the quantities and combinations of the many spices and plants unknown to Westerners, and which can be seen in the markets, renews traditional recipes or invents new ones.
It is surprising to note that the chilli pepper is not inevitable and that some dishes are much milder, such as grilled turkey, millet porridge, stewed or fried yams, delicious vegetables which closely resemble potatoes.

But there are not only the dishes themselves: when picnicking, the tourist rapidly becomes accustomed to eating local produce, starting with the many types of fish, such as swordfish or emperor fish, the excellent lamb kebabs and all kinds of fruit: avocados that may be accompanied by all types of sauces, paw-paws, delicious with smoked ham, grafted mangoes, guavas and, of course, bananas, pineapples, grapefruit and oranges.

Some restaurants and shops in Abidjan accept credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

The list of proposed restaurants looks at Abidjan’s most gastronomic restaurants (average cost of a meal around CFA 25,000 excluding drinks), while suggesting more affordable restaurants where you can eat well (about CFAF 15,000 for a meal) as well as upmarket maquis (about CFAF 7 000 per meal) or good-value, reliable maquis (CFAF 3000 per meal).The indicative prices do not include alcohol.

Planet BMW (average cost of a meal CFAF 12,000)

A place to relax in Deux-Plateaux where, in a convivial environment with several dining areas (garden with fan-cooled huts, terrace, indoor room with billiards, children’s area) where good African or European food may be sampled.  Pleasant,, informal setting.  A selection of salads, grills and thin crust pizzas ensure the reputation of this relaxing space at prices to suit all pockets.

Address: Deux Plateaux, Bd Latrille
Tel: 22 41 05 13

Nuit de Saigon (average cost of a meal CFAF 12 000)

A favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Abidjan. In addition to its stylish and convivial decor, this restaurant is famous for its delicate and succulent dishes suited to every taste and all pockets.  The duck speciality is not a reason to ignore the rest of the menu. Wine connoisseurs will discover a good French wine cellar, and those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks can try the house cocktail.

Address: Rue des Jardins, Les Deux Plateaux
Tel: 22 41 40 44
Facilities: Air-conditioning – Carte Bleue

 Espace 331 Maquis (average cost of a meal CFAF 7,000)

This maquis restaurant, highly appreciated by Ivorians, has a good-natured atmosphere, in a small tree-shaded courtyard, serving stews and casseroles at lunchtime and grilled dishes in the evening such as its grilled skewers of snails. The house motto: eat well at a low cost in a good-natured atmosphere … Try it and you’ll be back. Try the fried devilled chicken with a plate of alloko (fried plantain bananas) or grouper fish kebabs…

Address : Cocody, Rue 12 (opposite Mermoz school)
Tel: 22 44 03 41

Maquis le Las Palmas (average cost of a meal CFAF 8 500)

Located in 2 Plateaux, along with the’331’ it is one of the best maquis restaurants in the smart neighbourhoods of Abidjan.

Address: 2 Plateaux, Bd Latrille 3rd set of traffic lights
Tel: 22 42 08 92

Aboussouan (average cost of a meal CFAF 13 000)
The Aboussouan restaurant proposes high quality local cuisine and African specialities. It is an upmarket restaurant, the best African restaurant in Abidjan, frequented by Ivoirian high society. There is an extensive wine list.

Address: Boulevard Giscard d'Estaing, Treichville

Chez Georges (average cost of meal CFAF 22,000)
Top restaurant for international cuisine in Abidjan, this restaurant-pizzeria located in Plateau offers a warm setting with wood panelling and padded furniture, with soft background music and subdued lighting.

Address: Rue du commerce, Plateau
Tel: 20 32 10 14 / 20 32 10 84

La Cascade (average cost of a meal CFAF 18,000)
With its indoor waterfall, this restaurant in Abidjan’s business district is popular with business people, attracted by the excellent cuisine and the owner’s jovial nature. Worth trying is the foie gras in a flaky pastry case for a not entirely African experience.

Address : Plateau, Avenue Chardy
Tel:   20 21 71 07

La Croisette (average cost of a meal CFAF 22,000)

Excellent gastronomic cuisine served in decor of panelling and mirrors recalling the ambiance of luxury yachts. The stuffed shoulder of lamb melts in your mouth, the sole meunière is unforgettable, as is the fish soup with cheese and croutons, and all accompanied by a very extensive wine list.

Address: Le Plateau, Avenue Chardy
Tel: 20 21 71 07

La Pagode Flottante (average cost of a meal CFAF 15,000)
Dinner afloat on the Ebrie Lagoon and the tasty dishes will make you forget the bill! In addition to the bridge, tables are also available in the cabins.

Address : Zone IV, Boulevard de Marseille, Ebrie Lagoon
Tel: 21 35 22 95

Le Grand Large (average cost of a meal CFAF 17 000)
A high quality gastronomic menu with fish and seafood specialities. Another restaurant offering gastronomic cuisine which attracts personalities, business people and lovers of seafood.

Address: Zone IV-Bietry, 149, bd de Marseille
Tel.: 21 24 21 13

Maquis du Val (average cost of a meal CFAF 8 500)
The very classy Maquis du Val invites you on a trip to the very heart of Ivorian cuisine with a sprinkling of African and European specialities.

Opened in 1988, the Maquis Du Val, which was originally a small appatam (wall-less thatched hut), has now become a real restaurant with all the equipment worthy of a major hotel complex.
More expensive than a traditional maquis, it will, however, enable you to enjoy fine cuisine without the steep bills of Abidjan’s main gastronomic restaurants.

Address : Cocody Val Doyen 2, behind the PDCI building, Rue serpente, A50
Tel. 22 44 04 64 / 22 48 50 94 / 07 08 96 33
Email :

Le Soukala (average cost of a meal CFAF 11,000)
Another major Ivorian gastronomic restaurant, the Soukala proposes refined cuisine in a pleasant Malian atmosphere.

Address: Treichville, 1, Boulevard Giscard d'Estaing
Tel: 21 24 17 90

Pako Gourmand Pâtisserie (average cost of a pizza: CFAF 6,000)
Best pâtisserie in Abidjan, Pako Gourmand makes excellent cakes and gateaux, Danish pastries and ice cream and has a restaurant area where pizzas vie with African food.

Address : Les Deux Plateaux, Rue des Jardins
Tel: 22 41 30 55

Allocodrome Maquis (average cost of a meal CFAF 2,500)
Located in the open air opposite the first market of the very bourgeois commune of Cocody in Abidjan, the Allocodrome owes its name to a local delicacy: alloko or cubes of plantain banana fried in oil. This local grill-barbecue is one of the best known in Abidjan and sizzles from 4 p.m until well into the night. For the curious, wishing to discover local eateries, dozens of fish, mutton chicken and grilled beef vendors have a sole objective: to provide you with simple dishes aimed at filling you up cheaply….

Address : Rue Washington, Cocody

Delhi Darbar (average cost of a meal CFAF 12,000)
Lovers of Indian cuisine will not be disappointed by this restaurant offering authentic Indian dishes – with seafood specialities –, served with tasty side dishes.

Address: 2 Plateaux, Rue des Jardins
Tel : +225 22 41 31 62

La Caravane (average cost of meal CFAF 16,000)
Home-smoked herrings, salmon, blinis…, Vicky, the owner, will serve you typical dishes in Abidjan’s only Russian restaurant.

Address: Treichville 2, rue des Celliers (directly opposite Socomelec or behind Cacomiaf)
Tel: 07 91 29 48

Le Montparnasse (average cost of a meal CFAF 22,000)
In a setting of wood panelling and subdued lighting reproducing the warm atmosphere  and art decor of certain Parisian brasseries (in particular the eponymous restaurant on the Boulevard du Montparnasse), this establishment is one of the preferred rendez-vous of the expatriate community and Ivorian bourgeoisie who come to enjoy the so French cuisine in an intimate atmosphere. It’s also the GH of local businesspeople who account for a significant part of the clientele. The Montparnasse has both a brasserie and a trattoria. Despite the prohibitive prices, the Montparnasse has much in its favour: a menu of suggestions that varies fairly often and offers dishes with original and refined flavours, the aperitif always offered by Pascale, the restaurant manager, irreproachable service and with a fairly short waiting time.

Address : Zone IV, Rue Pierre-et-Marie-Curie
Tel: 21 34 35 01

Hamburger House (average cost of meal CFAF 7,000)
For hamburger lovers…

Address: Plateau : opposite LE PARIS cinema and in Marcory Super Hayat
Tel: 20 21 59 39 / 21 35 62 79

La Taverne Romaine (average cost of a meal CFAF 16,000)
As its name suggests, the house specialities are Italian : pizza baked in a wood-fired oven, foccacias… While the atmosphere is one of a tavern, it is a VIP tavern!

Address : Plateau, Boulevard Lagunaire
Tel: 20 21 89 51 / 07 93 80 66

Café Restaurant Oasis (average cost of a meal CFAF 10,000)
The Oasis, as its name suggests, serves up Moroccan specialties in the neighbourhood most popular with the Abidjanese when it comes to amusements.

Address: Zone IV, near the Koumassi roundabout
Tel: 21 34 19 19

Pizzeria Bruno (average cost of a meal CFAF 10,000)
One of the best specialists in Abidjan, this pizzeria in the business district proposes generous pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven, rounded off with a good cup of coffee.

Address : Plateau, Boulevard de la République
Tel: 20 22 01 61

Tuan (average cost of a meal CFAF 16,000)
Lovers of fine food will appreciate the high quality food –a bit pricey –, in a relaxing atmosphere.

Address : Plateau, Blvd du Général de Gaulle
Tel: 20 21 63 80

The Escale kréyole (average cost of a meal CFAF 14,000)
Just beside the exit from the Abidjan Pullman, on the lagoon side (possible access from inside), the Escale kréyole is the only West Indian restaurant in Abidjan, proposing authentic and delicious  home cuisine. The crab soup is outstanding and the seafood souskay with lobster is delicious. The atmosphere is intimate, allowing you to lunch or dine quietly.

Address:  Plateau, Avenue Delafosse (Bd Lagunaire)
Tel: 20 22 40 46

La Case Ebène (average cost of a meal CFAF 16,000)
Let yourself be transported right into an African lodge with a gentle, serene and subdued decor. The attention paid to small decorative details is only a prelude to the delicious African dishes the chef will prepare up for you. The clientele is among Abidjan’s elite.

Address: Le Plateau, Avenue Chardy
Tel: 20 21 21 20

Le Méchoui (average cost of a meal CFAF 12,000)
You can’t decide? Lebanese dishes or grills? No need to choose. Only one place, a varied selection. Upmarket oriental cuisine, attentive waiters will see that you lack nothing.

Address: Zone 4 - Bd Marseille , Athletic Club
Tel: 21 24 68 93 / 07 98 52 99

The Wafou (average cost of a meal CFAF 14,000)
The main asset of the Wafou Hotel is its superb layout as a Dogon village, surrounded by lush vegetation and enhanced by lighting which makes it quite simply magical at night fall. A restaurant not to be missed in Abidjan : whether or not you’re staying at the Wafou, it’s well worth a visit, even if only to sip a cocktail at the poolside or enjoy a gourmet break with the specialities of the restaurant which, moreover proposes excellent quality cuisine. Ideal for a relaxing aperitif at the end of the day, a romantic dinner or family lunch on Sunday.

Address: Zone IV, Boulevard de Marseille
Tel: 21 25 62 01 / 02

The Rascasse (average cost of a meal CFAF 15,000)
Forget the good resolutions and treat yourself to dishes and sweets that melt in the mouth.

Address: Cocody, Behind the main market.
Tel:  22 44 91 56

Le Berbère (average cost of a meal CFAF 12,000)
One of the few restaurants serving Algerian cuisine in Abidjan.  There are also Mexican dishes on the menu.

Address: Cocody, Cité des Arts
Tel: 22 44 01 42

Banyan (average menu: FCFA 16,000)
A wonder! It's small, it is best to book. A place not to miss when you are in Abidjan. The reason: fine cuisine - rather expensive for Abidjan (count FCFA 25,000 for entree, main dish, dessert and beverage). The stewed Grouper and Passion soufflé are to die for!

Address: Bietry - Boulevard de Marseille between the Notre Dame d’Afrique Church and the Villa Yace
Tel.: 21 35 28 59

The Longchamp (average menu: FCFA 20,000 FCFA)

In a cozy atmosphere, this restaurant - bar serves Ivorian and Western cuisine in an intimate, jazzy background. The softness of the decor makes you forget the price a bit expensive.

Address: Cocody 2 Plateaux, Les Vallons, behind the store "Tout à bas prix"
Tel.: 22 41 74 46

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