Upon arrival, every participant will receive an identification badge which should be worn constantly.  For security reasons, the luggage and personal effects of all participants will be subject to electronic checks at the airport and hotel. The Information Desk and protocol officers will be available to help participants resolve any security issues they may encounter.

The country’s security situation has significantly improved in recent years, though major risks persist which could involve incidents of crime with or without violence.  Visitors are, therefore, advised to be vigilant in all circumstances and should comply with minimum security rules.

It is safe walking around Abidjan during the day. But, it could be dangerous walking around at night in many places, unless you go out in groups. Like in all big cities, participants should therefore watch out for purse and bag snatching thieves and pick-pockets.

AfDB security services will, in collaboration with the country’s security forces, ensure that the Annual Meetings take place without incidents.

In case of emergency, call the following numbers:

  • Police Emergency: 111 or 170
  • Fire Brigade: 180

Most taxi drivers in Abidjan speak French, but participants are advised to take their AfDB Annual Meetings badge as well as the list of hotels and main tourist attractions with them. Most of the taxis have meters. However, visitors are well advised to agree on the fare with the driver before using their services.

The Ivorian government will ensure the security and protection of delegates in all the selected hotels, at the Conference Centre, in public places and during excursions.

It is mandatory to wear the Annual Meetings badge to have access to the conference centre as well as meeting rooms and other facilities. All participants will be required to go through the security gates in order to access the conference centre.

The AfDB security team will work closely with Ivorian security forces inside Hotel Ivoire, as well as in other areas where accommodation is provided. A security post will be set up  for all security or safety-related issues.

Annual Meetings participants are urged to familiarise themselves with security rules applicable to all travel provided at:

Participants may also consult the list of Abidjan police stations at the following address:

NB: It is forbidden to bring firearms into the country or to carry any type of weapon within the Conference Centre without prior authorisation from Ivorian authorities.

Basic Security Rules:

In general, the following security instructions should be obeyed throughout the entire trip:

  • Remain vigilant. Be aware of your environment and the people around you. Thieves often work in groups, with one person creating a diversion while others target your valuables.
  • Attacks may occur any time and anywhere: if you see something suspicious, move away and immediately report your suspicions;
  • Never put any valuable items in your checked-in luggage;
  • Don’t carry and display excessive amounts of cash;
  • Put your money and any valuables in the hotel safe;
  • Keep your bank notes in your front pocket and not in your back pocket when outside the hotel and periodically check your wallet;
  • Take additional precautions to protect mobile phones and laptops.  These are the items thieves target the most. Laptops have been stolen in hotel rooms, vehicles, conference centres, offices,in the street and in houses.
  • Bag/briefcase/mobile phone snatching is common world-wide. Should anyone grab a valuable item, don’t resist. You could be injured or killed if you try to hold on to the item. If someone tries to snatch your handbag/briefcase/mobile phone, let go immediately. Don’t carry around anything you are not prepared to lose.
  • Don’t carry any jewels or expensive watches conspicuously in the street.
  • When travelling, keep your doors locked and the vehicle windows closed. Keep valuable items out of sight. Check your valuables again when leaving the vehicle.
  • Should any suspicious person approach your vehicle at a stop or traffic light, don’t open your window for any reason; start up and move away quickly.
  • Cooperate with the police and security forces at control points and road block points, by producing your identity papers and stating your function.  Don’t pay bribes to pass through control points.
  • Don’t allow strangers into your hotel room.
  • Never leave valuables exposed or unsupervised in your hotel room, even if they are locked in a case. Place all valuables such as money, jewels, air tickets, passports and credit cards in the hotel safe.
  • Familiarise yourselves with the emergency evacuation routes in the event of fire or other disaster.
  • Use the door chain and/or lock when you are in your room and check the identity of your visitors through the peephole before opening the door to them.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the hotel management or security officers.
  • Always ensure that all the doors and windows, including sliding doors-windows are locked at all times, especially if the curtains are not drawn.
  • Avoid isolated streets and places, civil unrest and demonstrations as well as any involvement in local politics or political activities.
  • Use the mutual surveillance system. Don’t walk alone. Move around in groups if possible.
  • Be cautious with strangers.
  • Visitors should be especially vigilant in crowded streets and shopping areas.
  • ‘419’ type scams are fairly common. If a deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is

List of Abidjan Police Station


Police Station





1st Arrondissement (Administrative District)


20 21 58 33 / 20 21 61 80

2nd Arrondissement


21 24 17 48 / 21 24 15 60

3rd Arrondissement

Adjamé Market

20 37 44 65 / 20 34 40 63

4th Arrondissement

Zone 3

21 35 10 27

5th Arrondissement

Port Bouët

21 27 71 78

6th Arrondissement


21 36 14 34 / 21 36 03 21

7th Arrondissement

220 logements

20 37 15 91

8th Arrondissement


22 44 15 91

9th Arrondissement


21 26 78 58 / 21 26 45 20

10th Arrondissement


20 37 27 41

11th Arrondissement


20 37 23 28

12th Arrondissement

II Plateaux

22 41 35 05

13th Arrondissement


24 39 00 90

14th Arrondissement


23 39 05 00 / 24 39 17 36

15th Arrondissement


24 39 05 00

16th Arrondissement


23 45 26 64

17th Arrondissement

Yopougon Niangon

23 46 37 28

18th Arrondissement


22 47 18 65

19th Arrondissement

Yopougon Toit rouge

23 45 63 00

20th Arrondissement

Koumassi campement

21 36 20 08

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