The Role of Independent Oversight in Promoting the Development Effectiveness of the Bank Group

Date: Monday, May 24, 2010
Room: Hôtel Ivoire, Salle des Fêtes I
Time: 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.



  • Mr. Bo GORANSSON, Adviser to the President, AfDB


  • Mr. Edward OUKO, Auditor General, AfDB
  • Mr. Colin KIRK, Director, Operations Evaluation Department, AfDB
  • Mr. Per Eldar SOVIK, Director, Compliance Review and Mediation Unit, AfDB


  • Mr. Joshua KLEMM, Africa Program Manager, Bank Information Center, Washington

Sound corporate governance is a prerequisite for any modern financial institution, as it plays a key role in maintaining the institution’s credibility and reputation. But the link to corporate objectives is not always widely understood. At the Bank Group, the independent oversight functions exercised by the Auditor General’s Office (OAGL), the Operations Evaluation Department (OPEV) and the Compliance Review and Mediation Unit (IRM), each contribute not only to sound corporate governance but also to the Bank’s development objectives. Yet the role and contribution of these functions is not widely known or understood outside the Bank.

The seminar aims to raise awareness of the importance of independent oversight in contributing to sound corporate governance and the efficient and effective delivery of development results. Presentations by the panelists will highlight the key themes:

  • The changing global and institutional background.
  • The continuing importance of integrity, accountability and sound corporate governance for the Bank’s work (particularly in view of the General Capital Increase and ADF Replenishment).
  • The specific roles of OAGL, OPEV and CRMU, and the link to development results.
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