Travel to and from Lisbon

It is expected that Governors and delegates will make their own travel arrangements to and from the Annual Meetings. If assistance is required, the Secretariat Office in the Conference Centre will assist with return flight reservation and other related travel requirements.

Governors and other delegates are urged to arrange their arrival and return flight reservations as early as possible to ensure that they obtain the flights and dates of their choice. Those with open return tickets may experience difficulty obtaining preferred flights and may encounter indirect return routings.

The Government of Portugal will expedite entry and customs clearances for those members of delegations who have provided the Secretariat with their international flight numbers, date of arrival and port of entry into Lisbon. Reception facilities will also be arranged for Governors and accompanying members of the delegations. The General Secretariat will advise the Portuguese Government of delegates’ expected arrival times in those cases where such information has been supplied in advance. To facilitate expeditious immigration clearance, it is important to provide particular details including delegate’s name, country of issuance of passport, date of arrival and port of entry. Each delegate is therefore urged to complete and return the appropriate form. Please type or print name as it should be listed, i.e., first name(s) and/or initials, then last, family name. If the family name is not the last name, please indicate clearly by underscoring the family name.

VIP Lounges at Lisbon Airport

Upon arrival, Heads of Delegation will be welcomed through the VIP Lounges at the Lisbon Airport. For departures, the use of these lounges is not recommended. For security reasons, after entering the VIP Lounge on arrival, neither the participant nor members of the participant’s party is allowed to leave it, including going to the free shop area of the airport. Moreover, all security rules (for boarding the airplanes) will apply in the VIP Lounges.


Governors and delegates are kindly advised to arrange for their own individual medical, travel and personal effects insurance, valid for Lisbon, to cover the duration of the Meetings.

Participants at the 2011 Annual Meetings in Lisbon are not covered for insurance purposes by the AfDB. The Bank does not accept liability for personal injuries, or loss or damage to participants’ private property. Therefore, participants are kindly advised to check the validity of their health, travel, personal effects and accident insurance.

Customs Formalities

Visitors to Portugal from non-European Union countries are allowed two litres of still wine, one litre of spirits or strong liqueurs and sixteen litres of beer. They are also allowed two hundred units of cigarettes, fifty units of cigars and 250 grams of smoking tobacco.

Goods of a non-commercial nature imported in the personal luggage of passengers, whose total value does not exceed EUR 300 per person, are exempt from customs, VAT and excise duties. For air and sea travellers the monetary threshold is EUR 430.

Personal effects such as jewellery and cash amounts exceeding EUR 5,000 should be declared at the customs.

Certain goods are totally prohibited or strongly restricted (e.g. drugs, drugs precursors, radioactive products, offensive weapons, firearms, explosives and ammunition, protected species of plants and animals, as well as goods made from them).

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