Private Equity in Africa

Date: Thursday 9 June 2011
Venue: Lisbon Congress Center
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Mr. Bobby Pittman, Vice President, Infrastructure, Private Sector & Regional Integration


Mr. Timothy Turner, Director, Private Sector and Micro- Finance Department, Africqn Development Bank
Mr. Ephraim Letebele, CEO, Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund (BPOPF)
Mr. Elias Masilela, CEO, Public Investment Corporation (PIC)
Mr. Panos Voutyritas, CIO, Kingdom Zephir
Mr. Abdellatif Nasserdine, Partner, Infra-Invest
Mr. Aziz Mebarek, Partner, Tuninvest
Mr. Stephen Murphy, CEO, Citadel Africa Joint Investment Fund
Mr. Papa Ndiaye, CEO, AFIG
Mr. Tarun Brahma, Head of Private Equity, FMO Entrepreneurial Development Bank
Mr. Matthew Hunt, Director, South Suez Capital Ltd (SSC)

The AfDB is establishing itself as an investor of reference in the African Private Equity (PE) market, as no IFI or DFI has a presence on the African continent comparable to that of AfDB. The Private Equity side event will encourage the Bank to find ways of enhancing its capacity to add value to its PE investments and expand the knowledge of the PE industry in the continent.

The side event will: (i) provide a networking platform for fund managers interested in the PE industry in Africa and looking for ways of drawing capital to the continent; (ii) present case studies of existing funds that the Bank is already engaged with – to allow others to better understand the challenges of the terrain as well as the opportunities available; and (iii) host a panel discussion on PE to expand the knowledge of the African PE Industry both to the Bank’s shareholder base and potential investors. Furthermore, the side event will also present an opportunity for the Bank to engage with other DFI PE co-investors to discuss and share their experiences, lessons learnt and best practises. The objective is to:

  • expand the knowledge of PE in Africa and ADB’s involvement in this sphere;
  • provide a networking platform for fund managers, bank shareholders, private investors and DFI’s;
  • encourage partnerships with organisations and institutions to reinforce efforts of attracting further private sector investment into the continent; and
  • encourage partnerships with organizations that are already investing on the continent and efforts made to encourage larger scale investment.


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