Places of Interest in Tanzania

Tanzania features exciting tourist attractions, and information will be provided on tours for participants who would like to visit the country, including Mount Kilimanjaro, the Ngorongoro National Park, the Serengeti National Park, Zanzibar and many other tourist attractions.

More information about places of interest in Arusha and other areas in Tanzania can be found in the following links: and, or please contact the addresses below for tour packages to suit your needs:

Shopping Centres

Arusha is very picturesque as the town lies at the foot of Mount Meru, while the famous Mount Kilimanjaro and national parks like Tarangire and Arusha National Park lie nearby. Thus, Arusha is a must-visit place for tourists who also come here to indulge in shopping of a different kind. Here are the top places to shop at while visiting Arusha.

  • Cultural Heritage Centre:  The Cultural Heritage Centre is located 2.5 km from the western side of Arusha city. It presents a lot of items for souvenirs from Tanzania such as crafts and artefacts from hundreds of tribes, both local and from other parts of Africa. It carries everything from masks to traditional weapons, tanzanite and wood carvings of all shapes and sizes. The selection is amazing and it just could be a museum of all kinds of African crafts.
  • The Craft Shop: the famous Craft Shop is situated on Goliondoi Road in the Clock Tower area of Arusha.
  • Supermarkets: Arusha houses many supermarkets, selling everything you could ever need.  The biggest supermarket is Shoprite; other options for supermarket shopping include the Clock Tower Supermarket in the Clock Tower Area and the Fine Food Supermarket.
  • Njiro Shopping Center: The Njiro Shopping Centre is located in the upmarket area of Arusha. This  shopping complex houses restaurants, bars and a cinema.
  • The Arcade: The Arcade is Arusha's one-stop shop for everything. This shopping zone houses boutiques that sell good clothes, shoes and accessories, along with a good number of restaurants. Other facilities in this complex include a hair dressing saloon, ATM machines, travel agencies and a video arcade. You can also enjoy drinks at one of The Arcade's many bars and cafés.
  • Masai Curios Centre: this place is located near the Arusha Hotel. It is a very impressive place for one to stop and shop traditional items.
  • Meserani Snake Park:  A fantastic site for seeing and learning about some of the world’s deadliest snakes. It is a home to a variety of snakes common in East and Southern Africa, including the black mamba, black and red spitting cobras and the African python. The park is located 25 km, west of Arusha town.

Places of Worship

Below is a list of places of worship in Arusha. These places are easily accessible from the hotels.

  • Lutheran Evangelical Church in Tanzania, P. O. BOX 569, ARUSHA, Goliondoi Road, Tel: + 255272502412
  • Anglican Church of Tanzania, Christ Church Cathedral, P.O BOX 263, ARUSHA, Old Moshi road, Tel: + 25527250247
  • Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha, P.O.BOX 8055, ARUSHA, Near Police Headquarter, along Pangani Street
  • Main Mosque, Bondeni Street, Near National Museum
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