Building Water Resilience

Moderator:  Ms. Tumi Makgabo, Former Presenter, CNN


  • S. E. M. Patrice Kitebi Kibol Mvul, Minister in Charge of Finance, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • S. E. M. Mohammed Boussaid, Minister of Economy and Finance, Morocco
  • Dr. Mohamed Ait-Kadi, President of the General Council of Agricultural Development of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in Morocco.
  • Prof. Mike Muller, Infrastructure Advisor, Development Bank of Southern Africa

Rapporteur:  Mr. Mohammed El Azizi, Director, Water and Sanitation Department, AfDB


Africa has the highest rate of urban population growth in the world. This is the combined result of rural-to-urban migration, population growth and the urbanization of rural areas. In 2011, over 400 million Africans lived in urban areas – close to 40% of Africa’s population. In 50 years, about 65% of Africans will be living in urban areas. Urbanization is an inevitable path to achieve middle-high income status. Vibrant cities are drivers of economic growth. However, the process has to be managed properly and ensuring water security remains a major challenge. Governments have the prime responsibility of providing reliable water supply and sanitation services, managing urban floods and droughts and conserving healthy water ecosystems. This calls for proactive and insightful long-term vision and planning. The event will highlight the importance of long-term comprehensive planning and development of urban water infrastructure that will maximize socio, economic and environmental benefits and ensure resilience against inevitable impacts of climate change. Participants will share innovative approaches and success stories towards ensuring water security to build vibrant, green and inclusive cities in Africa.

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