Delivering Services

Moderator:   Ms. Julie Gichuru, Presenter, Citizen TV, Kenya


  • Dr. Mo Ibrahim, Founder and Chair, Mo Ibrahim Foundation
  • Hon. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Nigeria
  • Hon. Mrs. Yvonne Adelaide  Mougany, Minister in charge of SMEs, Republic of Congo

Rapporteur:   Mr. Ndoumbe Lobe, Director, Governance, Economic & Financial Management Department, AfDB


Capable and accountable states, which make sound policies, provide public services, and oversee how public resources are used, play a key role in poverty reduction. Over the past decade, Africa has experienced its most sustained growth since the 1960s; however, this has yet to translate into poverty reduction. Service delivery in areas such as infrastructure, health and education is sub-optimal. In this context, strong leadership and robust governance takes on greater significance. The objective of the event is to discuss the role of leadership in delivering tangible results, facilitate the sharing of experiences, and thereby contribute to Africa’s future transformation.

Why is service delivery so difficult in Africa?

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