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Name Location Distance
5 Stars:
Hotel Tiama Plateau 7 Km
4 Stars :
Sofitel Hotel Ivoire Cocody 0 Km
Hotel Pullman Plateau 5 Km
3 Stars :
Novotel Plateau 5 Km
Golf Hotel Riviera 2 7 Km
Grand Hotel Plateau 7 Km
Hotel Palm Club Cocody 4 Km
Hotel Wafou Bietry 8 Km
Hotel Particulier Cocody 3 Km
Hotel Limaniya II Plateau 6 Km
N'sa Hotel Bassam 55 Km
Etoile Du Sud Bassam 55 Km
2 Stars :
Hotel  Ibis Plateau 7 Km
Hotel Ibis Marcory 8 Km
Ivotel Avec Annexe Plateau 8Km
Hotel Onomo Port-Bouet 15 Km
Hotel Horizon Cocody 5 Km
Hotel Belle Cote Cocody 6 Km
Hotel Nouvelle Pergola Bietry 8 Km
Hotel Ken'ti Bietry 8 Km
Complexe Hotelier Akparo Dabou 52 Km
Hotel de France Bassam 55 Km
Maffouet Bassam 55 Km
Mantchan Bassam 55 Km
Complexe Sol Beni Riviera 2 6 Km
Golden Hotel Bietry 6 Km
1 Star :
Hotel Le Marly Bietry 8 Km
Tourist hotel II Plateaux 6 Km
Hotel Freeman Marcory 8 Km
Hotellerie de la Licorne Cocody 6 Km
Hotel les Jardins II Plateaux 6 Km
Aladje Hotel Angre 6 Km
Le Marlin Bleu Marcory 8 Km
Hotel le Marly Bietry 8 Km
Kignon Hotel (Ex Calao) II Plateaux 6 Km
Auberge Koral Beach Bassam 55 Km
La Playa Bassam 55 Km
La Madrague Bassam 55 Km
La Taverne Bassamoise Bassam 55 Km
Le Wharf Bassam 55 Km
Assoyam Beach Bassam 55 Km
Hotel Kimi Yopougon 16 Km
Hotel les Datchas Yopougon 16 Km
Assonvon Hotel I Yopougon 16 Km
Hotel Memi Yopougon 16 Km
Hotel Bristol Yopougon 16 Km
Le refuge Bietry 8 Km
Ecologe Marcory 8 Km
Songon Park Yopougon 16 Km
Asthoria Palace Yopougon 16 Km
N'gbafre Dabou 52 Km
L'autre Rive Dabou 52 Km
Hotel Diamant Cocody -----
Hotel l'Escale Cocody -----
Hotel La Fraicheur Cocody -----
Hotel la residence du bonheur Cocody -----
Hotel le Diagnostic Cocody -----
Hotel le rubis Cocody -----
Hotel Mandani Cocody -----
Hotel Mirabel Cocody 6 Km
Hotel Petit Oasis Cocody 6 Km
Hotel Residence Efrate Cocody Km
H Bleu Aghein 5 Km
Hotel Guyla'g Cocody -----
Hotel Sambala Cocody -----
Kogora Oka Hotel Cocody -----
Centre Nelson Mandela Cocody -----
Complexe Hotelier Etiada Cocody -----
Cypa Hotel Cocody -----
Art-Loge Hotel Cocody -----
Hotel Evia Marcory -----
Hotel Guest House Marcory -----
Hotel La Terrasse Marcory 8 Km
Hotel Le Virage Marcory -----
Hotel Miniambe Marcory 8 Km
Hotel Francois Marcory 8 Km
EHTAC (colombe) Yopougon 16 Km
Sunset Hotel Yopougon 16 Km
Hotel Belview Yopougon 16 Km
Hotel Le Riyo Vallons 6 Km
Hotel Maphoret Cocody -----
Hotel l'Avocatier Dokui -----
Hotel Lema Angre -----
Hotel 7eme Tranche Angre -----
Hotel Des Lagunes M'pouto -----
Complexe Hotelier Limah Cocody -----


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Name Location Contacts
2 Stars :
Residence Ohinene II Plateaux 6 Km
Residence M'maya Riviéra Bonoumin 6 Km
1 Star :
Residence Copa Cabana Bingerville ----
Residence Bertille II Plateaux 6 Km
Residence Edouard II Plateaux 8 Km
Residence Berge Mady Angré ----
Residence Emlys Cocody 6 Km
Residence Dippoka Angré 7 Km
Residence Eburnea II Plateau 6 Km
Residence Emmanuella I Riviera Bonoumin 6 Km
Residence Emmanuella II Riviera Bonoumin 7 Km
Residence Florhanyas II Plateaux 6 Km
Residence Maizi's II Plateaux 7 Km
Residence Niable Angré 7 Km
Residence Le Jubile Angré 6 Km
Residence les Vallons Cocody 6 Km
Seven 7 Residence Angré 6 Km
Residence Rose Hermine II Plateaux 6 Km
La Residence Marcory 6 Km
Residence Les Orchidees Biétry 8 Km
Residence Emeraude Marcory 8 Km
Residence Koriet Cocody 7 Km
Residence St Anne Cocody 6 Km
Residence Aboussouan Cocody 6 Km
Residence Les Vallons Cocody 6 Km
Villa Anakao Cocody 6 Km
Residence Francois Marcory Zone 4 8 Km
Residence Les Orchidees Marcory 8 Km
Villa Kysa Riviera 3 Rue E 162 6 Km
Hotel Residence Belle Vue Riviera Palmeraire 5 Km
Residence Vanestelle Zone 4 8 Km
Ben Residence Riviera Bonoumin 5 Km
Hotel Residence 2000 Yopougon 16 Km
N'galiema Resort Club Plateau 7 Km
Villa Oasis villa n°7 vallon 6 Km
Residence Affoh II Plateaux 6 Km
Residence Hotel Koumassi Remblais 9 Km
Le Voyageur Bietry ----
Didi Hotel Zone 4 8 Km
Marly Bietry ----
Banian Treich-Marcory ----
Les Lauriers Riviera Faya ----
Manvy Danga ----
Beverly Riviera III ----
Ben Riviera II ----
Eden Park Adjin 6 Km
Le Griffon II Plateaux 6 Km
Le Refuge Zone 4 ----
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