We live in a complicated interconnected world, on a continent experiencing considerable economic, social and environmental challenges. Among the most significant of the environmental challenges is climate change.  In Africa, climate change threatens to derail the significant development gains that have been made over the last decades; climate change also threatens future growth and development. Read more


Fostering a conducive climate to support African countries’ climate change commitments

Under the December 2015 global Paris Agreement on climate change, African nations have sent a clear signal of their commitment to achieve climate-resilient and low-carbon development through their pledged Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). However, a significant number of these African INDCs are conditional, hinged on receipt of support in the form of climate finance – those financial flows from developed to developing countries directed toward climate change mitigation and adaptation activities.


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Authors: Uche Duru

Categories: Climate Change, Uche Duru