10 must-read economics stories of the week, 13/04/2018

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Welcome to your weekly update – a curated list of some of this week’s most interesting stories on economic growth, human and social development.

1 - How developing countries weave social safety nets. More of the truly needy are being caught before they hit rock-bottom (The Economist)

2- The Boao Forum is becoming the World Economic Forum of Asia. So says a Harvard University Senior Fellow in a Xinhau news interview. (Xinhau Net)

3- IMF raps politicians’ obsession with manufacturing jobs. Fund says industry does not play unique role in productivity growth in advanced economies. (Financial Times)

4- A United Nations report says 11 percent of the world’s population - went hungry in 2016. Why some say artificial intelligence can help. (Voice Of America)

5- Opinion: Social entrepreneurs could be important in achieving sustainable development. (Arab News)

6- What the gig economy can learn from the mistakes of microfinance. Lessons learned might surprise you. (Quartz at Work)

7- Report: The European Union continues to be the world's leading provider of Official Development Assistance. But it’s giving 2.4% less than the previous year on record. (Kuwait News Agency)

8- U.K. firms touted as 'top employers' for women actually pay them less than men. Almost half of companies listed as the best places to work as a woman report gender pay gaps greater than national average. (The Guardian)

9- Unlocking Mindanao’s potential is key to reducing extreme poverty in the Philippines. Challenge is how to speed up growth that creates more and better jobs and reduces poverty, explains a new multi-development agency report. (Modern Diplomacy)

10- Democracy and economics in Africa: to unlock sustained growth across countries and cultures, regular leadership and policy renewal is needed. (Institute for Security Studies)