10 must-read economics stories of the week, 16/11/2018

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Welcome to your weekly update – a curated list of some of this week’s most interesting stories on economic growth, human and social development.

1 - Forget the trade war, China's economy has other big problems. China is riding out the trade war so far but its economic troubles run deep and could escalate rapidly if U.S. tariffs really start to bite. (CNN Business)

2 - U.S. fights China for influence, one project at a time. Why the U.S. new strategy aimed at ramping up investment in Asia could vie with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s overseas infrastructure-building spree. (The Wall Street Journal)

3 - Chinese lending to African countries jumped tenfold in the last five years. Why African nations, in dire need of boosting their infrastructure, growth, and global competitiveness have increasingly looked to China for loans. (Quartz)

4 - Using big data and artificial intelligence to accelerate global development. A long read says only when machine learning is coupled with human insight will the global community achieve sustainable development solutions. (Brookings Institution)

5 - Draft Brexit deal ends Britain's easy access to EU financial markets. The United Kingdom and the European Union have agreed to a deal that will give London’s vast financial center only a basic level of access to the bloc’s markets after Brexit. (Reuters)

6 - Global food prices face triple threat, says specialist food and agribusiness bank, Rabobank. The Bank’s annual outlook for 2019 warns that political tension, the El Niño weather system and the spread of a virulent pig disease risk hitting food prices. (Financial Times)

7 - Researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev found a way to potentially convert human waste into a safe, reusable fuel and a nutrient-rich fertilizer. News of the discovery came just ahead of World Toilet Day on November 19. (Physics.org)

8 - India's economy is booming. Now comes the hard part. (CNBC)

9 - The poorest nation in the Pacific is hosting the richest economic get-together. Why the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Papua, New Guinea could descend into a dash for cash. (Business Insider)

10 - The future of digital finance in Africa. OpEd writer says putting academics, anthropologists and innovators together to solve Africa’s economic development can produce some amazing things. (CNBC Africa)

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