“Africa must start by treating agriculture as a business”, says AfDB president

No region of the world has ever moved to industrialised economy status without a transformation of the agricultural sector.


“Africa and India must shape their futures together”, says AfDB president

Africa, like India, is a continent of rich and compelling diversity. Both continents share a similar landscape, a shared colonial history, and similar economic and demographic challenges.

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Time to Close the Gender Gap in Africa with Bold Actions

International Women’s Day (IWD) is an important opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women and to be bold in promoting gender parity.

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“Shaping a New Era of Prosperity”

The world has never been wealthier than it is today. Yet, the levels of inequality remain high and keep increasing. To reverse this trend, collective action is needed from governments, multilateral institutions, the private sector, civil society and all stakeholders.


Agriculture as a Business: Approaching agriculture as an investment opportunity

African smallholders are the private sector – the largest segment on the continent. By seeing agriculture as business, smallholders as customers and entrepreneurs, and companies as organizations that want smallholders as customers and suppliers, policymakers and investors can leverage the continent’s existing assets to catalyze economic transformation rather than trying to create it from whole cloth.