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Without gender equality, there can be no development

The Gender Strategy is a central part of the Bank’s ambitious vision for Africa based on the reality that gender equality is integral to Africa’s economic and social development. The vision includes creating opportunities for women, disavantaged and marginalised people and communities so they can participate in and benefit from the development of their communities and nations. Read more


Women in informal cross-border trade in Sub-Saharan Africa: an untapped potential to feed, integrate and industrialize Africa

Regional integration, a pivotal element of Africa’s transformation agenda, is one of the five key priorities of the African Development Bank. As part of this, regional communities have increased harmonization efforts, including the reduction of customs and tariff barriers. However, there are still a considerable level of non-tariff barriers, affecting activities of traders and the potential for inclusive growth. Despite these challenges, hundreds of thousands of people, largely women, cross borders in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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Addressing gender issues in urban water and sanitation

The African subcontinent has experienced rapid economic growth since 2000. African Development Bank (AfDB) Group demographic projections indicate that Africa’s population will increase from 1 billion in 2010 to 1.6 billion in 2030. The continent’s urban population is expected to increase from 40% of the total population to over 50%, increasing the already high unmet demand for water. The majority of both increases will occur in the poorest, most crowded areas


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The AfDB’s response to ‘African Women as an Untapped Market for Investments’

Too often the narrative on women in Africa is characterized by oppression and marginalization in a system that tends to work against them. While the case is not untrue, it is important to acknowledge women who are changing this narrative and inverting a whole paradigm. The number of female entrepreneurs entering the business space has been growing rapidly over the past decade.


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Fashionomics Africa: Outlook for 2017

The continent has experienced a high rate of population growth, which has the potential to be a demographic dividend, but only if there is sufficient investment in jobs, skills and education. Africa has a huge problem with unemployment, particularly youth unemployment and the need for jobs are growing faster than ever.


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From farmer to chef: Developing the African cuisine value chain

New innovations in the food industry, one of the world’s oldest and largest industries, are creating attractive opportunities on the African continent. With unusual blends of spices and bold flavours, ingredients and techniques from African regions have emerged as the new gastronomic trend in kitchens around the world. As on other continents, the agro-food industry plays a fundamental role in the creation of income and employment opportunities in Africa’s developing economies.

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