Without gender equality, there can be no development

The Gender Strategy is a central part of the Bank’s ambitious vision for Africa based on the reality that gender equality is integral to Africa’s economic and social development. The vision includes creating opportunities for women, disavantaged and marginalised people and communities so they can participate in and benefit from the development of their communities and nations. Read more


From farmer to chef: Developing the African cuisine value chain

New innovations in the food industry, one of the world’s oldest and largest industries, are creating attractive opportunities on the African continent. With unusual blends of spices and bold flavours, ingredients and techniques from African regions have emerged as the new gastronomic trend in kitchens around the world. As on other continents, the agro-food industry plays a fundamental role in the creation of income and employment opportunities in Africa’s developing economies.


Empowering women and girls in the quest for universal energy access for all

Africa has ample energy resources (including fossil fuels and renewables), enough to meet its energy needs, yet the continent struggles to ensure that this bounty reaches its people. Over two thirds of Africans lack access to modern energy. Sub-Saharan Africa is significantly affected, where just 290 million out of 915 million people have electricity access; and nearly 730 million Africans rely on the traditional use of solid biomass for cooking.


Building a career despite the odds

When I look back on a career of 50 years striving to expand choices for women, one of the proudest accomplishments I share with other feminists of my generation is that while young women of today face challenges, they are very different from the barriers we confronted. While there is still much to do, we have come a long way.


Why mainstreaming gender in transport matters and what the AfDB is doing about it

After two decades of progress, the dialogue between transport professionals and the societies they serve has stalled. This discussion would provide an opportunity to explore how to mainstream gender in transport. That the dialogue is in need of a reboot, in Africa, and in the world at large is not in doubt.


Technology, women and Africa: Access, use, creation and leadership

A story is told of a technology company that creates and deploys life-saving mobile phone services. Based in Cape Town, this technology company developed a revolutionary technology with a mission to assist community health workers from the local township to better monitor their HIV-positive patients.

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