West Africa is at the heart of Africa’s transformation. With a projected growth rate of 7.4 per cent in 2014, it is the fastest growing region in the continent. As many of its countries undergo a strong stabilization, emerge from conflict, or even rise to middle income status, the region begins to reap the fruits of its regional and global integration. A global demand for expert opinions and analysis is rising rapidly. Read More


Wind energy in West Africa: Examining the way forward for the sector’s development

In West Africa, it is estimated that 57% of the population has no access to electricity, underperforming the continent’s average of about 50%. Although comparable to the continental average, the difference with the developing world (23%) is striking. Considering that the region has become one of the fastest growing places on the continent, energy is considered a substantial bottleneck.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step: What’s next after the Guinea-Bissau international roundtable?

In early February, in a blog post on the run-up to the international donor roundtable for Guinea-Bissau, I argued that “all parties are aware that in order to move forward not only is money needed, but also compact coordination amongst partners and the government, as well as the assurance that planned projects and programmes are coherent and complementary”.


“Kumsa di nôbu!”* – A new beginning for Guinea-Bissau

On January 28, the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) Board of Directors approved the 2015-2019 Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Guinea-Bissau. This approval marks a strong step towards the redeployment of international assistance in the country and is a prelude to the country’s planned donor roundtable expected to be held at the end of March.


Breaking up the enclave: transport in Guinea-Bissau

On my first visit to Guinea-Bissau in 2013, I entered the country after landing at Osvaldo Vieira International Airport. The plane I flew in was a small jet, with no more than 50 seats. That year, I was one of just 30,317 passengers entering the country by plane. The sight of the deserted tarmac, as I landed, spoke much of a seldom-visited country


Natural resources in Guinea-Bissau: Getting it right from the start

Guinea-Bissau is one of Africa’s richest countries when it comes to natural resource endowment. Beyond having great biodiversity, its soil is fertile and hosts a multitude of minerals. Also, in addition to known and visible timber and fishing resources, it has been known for the past 40 years that there are significant deposits of bauxite, phosphates and heavy sand in the country.

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