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West Africa is at the heart of Africa’s transformation. With a projected growth rate of 7.4 per cent in 2014, it is the fastest growing region in the continent. As many of its countries undergo a strong stabilization, emerge from conflict, or even rise to middle income status, the region begins to reap the fruits of its regional and global integration. A global demand for expert opinions and analysis is rising rapidly. Read More


Burkina Faso faces public finance dilemma

In a recent blog post, we discussed the impacts of socioeconomic and terrorist events on the Burkinabe economy noting that “to answer the terrorist threat, current expenditure will soar.” However, this should not be done at the expense of development programs and capital spending in economic infrastructure. Indeed, after the socio-political events experienced by Burkina Faso, we advocate for an economic stimulus based on the quality and increase in public investment expenditure.


Le Burkina, après coups d’État et attentat terroriste : quels impacts sur l’économie ?

L'insurrection d’octobre 2014, suivie d’une transition politique émaillée de coups d’État et autres remous sociaux, ont eu de fortes répercussions sur l’économie burkinabè – et de plusieurs sortes.

Des journées de travail ont été perdues, le secteur informel a été durement touché et l’activité économique nocturne fortement perturbée par un couvre-feu qui a duré plus de cinq mois.


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Boko Haram: A threat for the future and a threat to development

Niger is suffering considerable demographic and budgetary pressures. Its margin for manoeuvre to build itself through sustainable development is tight.

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