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Ibrahim Ansu Bangura

Senior Macro Economist based in the AfDB Field Office in Sierra Leone

Ibrahim Ansu Bangura is a Senior Macro Economist based in the AfDB Field Office in Sierra Leone since November 2012. He previously worked as an Economist in the Ministry of Finance in Sierra Leone and has consulted for the World Bank and UNDP. Bangura was a Policy Analyst in Mining and Natural Resource Management in the Office of the President prior to joining the Bank. Bangura has a first degree in Economics from St Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada, and a Graduate Degree in Economic Policy Management from Columbia University in New York.


Ebola epidemic may reverse decades of socio-economic progress in Sierra Leone

Following a remarkable post-conflict recovery in the early 2000s, Sierra Leone was on track to overcome its troubled past, especially after consistent double-digit growth seen over the past five years. The current Ebola epidemic and its overwhelming repercussions on livelihoods, and economic activity is threatening to halt that aspiration and end the positive trajectory of the small West African state.