Why and when to introduce a single currency in ECOWAS

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by Ferdinand Bakoup and Daniel Ndoye[1]

The creation of a single currency in West Africa remains a timely and relevant project. This is despite post Euro zone crisis uncertainties, and the postponement, for the fourth consecutive time, of the introduction of a single currency in member countries of the West African Monetary Zone. In fact, in today’s international monetary context, ECOWAS member countries have serious monetary problems that no one country can single-handedly resolve. A common currency in ECOWAS will offer West African countries the opportunity to pool their monetary resources in order to better pursue their common and individual objectives. 

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[1] Ferdinand Bakoup and Daniel Ndoye are respectively Lead Economist and Country Economist at the African Development Bank. Opinions expressed in this study are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the African Development Bank. Comments and suggestions to: f.bakoup@afdb.org or d.ndoye@afdb.org.


Yannis Arvanitis - Senegal 17/06/2016 11:40
Cher Souleye,

Merci pour tes commentaires. L'étude est disponible sur le site de la Banque. Il suffit de cliquer sur le lien dans la toute dernière phrase du billet.
Souley - Benin 16/06/2016 16:35
Est il possible d'avoir l'intégralité du rapport de l'étude ? Cela m'intéresse.
Souley Salami
Souley - Benin 16/06/2016 16:32
Excellente contribution !


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