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Cameroon: Agriculture #FeedAfrica

Project name: Project to support the National Agricultural Research and Extension Programme


  • Increase agricultural productivity (particularly in cocoa farming) by improving the performance of the National Agricultural Research Facility
  • Promote competitive, sustainable and equitable agriculture and rural development in all the agro-ecological regions of the country


Previously, our parents used to grow a variety called tout-venant, but today, thanks to advances in research, we have access to improved seeds.



Samba Mviena, Chairman of AKOM-COOP-CA
Cooperative and Cocoa Producer


  • Better research has improved seed nurseries allowing Cameroonian growers to have quality cocoa shoots for a quick and abundant harvest.
  • Improved Institut de Recherche Agricole pour le Developpement (IRAD) technical research capabilities in terms of strengthening professional skills, material capacities.
  • Stronger alignment of research objectives with local farmers’ problems and needs.
  • Greater participation of women with an increase in the number of female researchers. For example, out of 27 lab technicians recruited, 78% are women, 30% of the 10 accountants are women and the 5 secretaries recruited are all women.