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AfDB Group's Energy Sector Policy

The AfDB's E-Consultation on its Energy Sector Policy -Have your Say!

Consultation closed on September 4, 2011.

  • Invitation: The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group is inviting comments on its Draft Energy Sector Policy to encourage its stakeholders to provide feedback and input.
  • Background: Africa is well-endowed with a variety of renewable and non-renewable energy resources. However, most African countries are characterized by low access to affordable and reliable modern energy services. The Bank Group has accorded high priority to the energy sector and elaborated its first Energy Sector Policy in 1994. In light of new developments in the energy sector and emerging development challenges, especially the growing importance of climate-related energy issues, the Bank Group is revising its energy Policy to guide its interventions in the sector.
  • Objectives of the Policy: The objective of the Policy is two-fold:
    • Support Regional Member Countries (RMCs) in their efforts to provide all their populations and productive sectors with access to modern, affordable and reliable energy infrastructure and services; and
    • Assist RMCs in developing their energy sector in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable manner.
  • This Policy is part of a two pronged-process which includes:
    • The preparation of the Policy, and
    • The preparation of its Implementation Guidelines (to be completed following approval of the Policy). The Policy and the Implementation Guidelines will supersede “the  Sectoral Energy Policy of the AfDB” dated June 1994 and “the Framework for Public Utility Tariff Policy of the AfDB” dated 1985 and  previously applied to Electric Power, Telecommunications, Water Supply and Sewerage operations.
  • Your Participation: The AfDB Group values broad consultation and therefore encourages all stakeholders to provide inputs and comments on this consultative Draft Policy through the link below.

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